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  1. Hi Everyone--glad the forum is back. Aria--I only do candles these days and only for a few hours at a time. Yes, we have had allergy issues so I am slowly introducing scent back into the house. This morning it is a small lilac candle from Mainstays. Have a great day everyone.
  2. Nice to see you Aria. It is a hot one here today and kind of humid. I have been burning Cotton Candy, Vanilla Cupcake and Island Party today. Hope you all are doing well.
  3. Hi Everyone--hope you all have had a nice day. I was out most of the day but the scents I did manage were Yankee Chocolate Layer Cake, DW Home Vanilla Bean, BBW Georgia Peach and Mainstays Vanilla. It is quite warm here today but not like some of you are having. Stay cool!
  4. Shortygal--I absolutely love that bakery delight candle--I just pop it on my warmer and it fills the house with the most delicious scent. I have melted it three times already and it is still good. Love it. Today's scents have been YC Vanilla Cupcake, BBW Tiki Mango Mai Tai and BBW Georgia Peach. Have a great night, everyone.
  5. Just home from another shopping trip. DH could see I was stressed yesterday and suggested I go by myself today and just take my time and enjoy myself so I took him up on it. I picked up a few more things at Yankee and one candle at BBW so that will be it for right now. Today's scents have been Patriot Bakery Delight (coconut buttercream and red velvet) and BBW Georgia Peach.
  6. Shortygal201--great title. Starting the day with YC Pineapple Mango and BBW Tiki Mango Mai Tai. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.
  7. Hi Everyone, I have been out most of the day with DH--shopping and eating a nice lunch. I made it to Yankee's SAS sale and scored a couple of great deals. Last fall I was looking for a Christmas tree luminary and the one I liked was at Yankee but it was $24.99 and I didn't want to pay that much for it. I got it today for $6.25 plus a snowman luminary (originally $14.99) for $3.75 and a snowman jar holder (orginally $9.99) for $2.50! I was really pleased. I also went to BBW and my store, which is a test store, started their SAS yesterday instead of June 6 so I picked up a few things there. All in all a very successful trip. I came home and burned my Mainstays Vanilla--it is about gone so I blew it out and stuck it on my warmer to get the last bit of goodness out of it. Hope you all have a nice evening.
  8. Great quote Maggie. It is hot and humid here but that is OK. I have on 719 Walnut Avenue Tiki Colada--great pina colada scent.
  9. This afternoon it is 719 Walnut Avenue candle in Tiki Colada. Very nice. It is a lovely pre summer day here--hope you all are doing great.
  10. Good Morning--started the day with Tiki Mango Mai Tai from BBW--this isn't really all that great but it is OK enough for me to go ahead and burn it--just not my favorite.
  11. So far on this lovely Saturday I have burned Mainstays Lilac, 719 Walnut Avenue Country Market and Mainstays Pink Grapefruit. Hope you are all enjoying your day.
  12. Hi everyone, so far today I have burned YC Vanilla Cupcake and BBW Georgia Peach. It is muggy here but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Hope you are all having a good day.
  13. Mpfand--be sure and let us know how you liked your mani--I've never had one either. Sounds like you are having fun. It is like August here today--hot and steamy. I went to our larger city first thing this morning to get some things done and I am about melted. Ha! I have White Barn Georgia Peach burning.
  14. This afternoon's scents have been Georgia Peach, Vanilla and Pink Grapefruit. Have a great night, everyone!
  15. Home from town and am burning Mainstays Sweet Sangria--another winner.
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