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  1. It is so nice to have it light after I get home from work! I don't like it when I drive to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Tonight it is Wilma's = Golden Opium.
  2. Aria, good news on the hockey game! Maggie, we had a woodpecker that came back every year and made a hole in the wooden covering to our chimney. DH would fix it, and then it would come back the next year. Back home and to the real world... Tonight Haute Candles - Musk Flower.
  3. I agree, Michele! I am going to get right on it! I probably need to order a whole new bunch for here. Also, SGA - who knew that melting would require math? It's educational! The sun is out this afternoon! So, I took a long walk with the pup, and I can now justify sitting on the deck, reading. An adult beverage may be involved later. Amy, I hope all is well at the cabin. You and Maggie had me Googling Wood Thrush songs. Beautiful! It appears they are not West coasters. Isn't it amazing that you can search things like bird songs and find information and audio? What did we used to do... Walmart to the rescue! I now have a couple of melts to get me through. Today it is YC Sun and Sand. I have always loved this one!
  4. Good evening! I am having trouble with internet connection on my phone and computer. I am at the beach - it is known for spotty coverage in this area at times, darn it! It has been a crazy busy week - enough that I forgot to bring melts with me!!! This is not good. Lookin' for a Walmart. Valerie, no room for cake? That is a tragedy! It is very windy here, I was looking forward to the waves and blue sky like Amy had, but brrrr! No sitting on the deck today! Michelle, good luck with your sale!
  5. Maggie, it really varies for the kitties...when they are semi-feral, I can give them a home, but they are usually still very skittish - even after a year or more! So, it could be a few weeks until he comes out and socializes. At least they are safe from the bully kitties and the coyotes! ^_^ I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Valerie! Tonight it is Strawberry Lemonade - Cheryl's.
  6. Ugh...I just lost my post... :( Little semi-feral kitty is still hiding...patience, patience... Michele - that was a short trip for DH! Is that common? I bet you were anxious about making it to the wake in time. It was kind of them to wait. Amy - I hope your trip starts moving along now! Tonight - from a nice friend - Fox Willow, Root beer and Cinnamon Bark.
  7. Wowie, Aria! 4 miles!? I am impressed! I hope your travels go well, Amy! Have melter, will travel! And once in awhile I get the pat-pat too, wish I knew what it means! Biolaeagles, so good to have you with us! Tonight - Scentsationals - Himalayan Pink Salt.
  8. I hope the Easter Bunny found all of you! We had a nice brunch, now it is time to take the dog for a long walk! I think your idea of sitting in your garden sounds divine, Sharon! It is almost warm enough here and I planted a few annuals yesterday - so soon! Today it is YC - Peeps. Mainly because I love the label!
  9. Amy, I was surprised about the Rooibos - it was from a sampler from long ago, not one I would pick...but I would pick it on purpose next time! Susan, great plan! I hope you are all rested up! Michele, give us the scoop! What is baking?? Today it has been FP, Wildberry, Lemon & Birthday Cake.
  10. Oh no, Michele! What a disappointment. It has been some crazy weather! Yay is right, Maggie! No vacation, but a weekend is good enough! I hope you have relaxing days! We will have Easter Brunch here, with all the kids... Then they head off to other family obligations. L3 Fergus - French Baguettes, Honeyed Butter and Red Rubios Tea
  11. Good evening! I know what you mean about difficulty typing with a cat, Aria! Beautiful 75 degree day today - and we will have rain again tomorrow. AmyJo - the minute the sun shines here, the signs go up that our zoo lot is full. Good that you can go later when kids are back in school! Michele, that is sad news about your son's girlfriend's mother. It will be good that you can be there for them. Tonight - Me Time Melts, Coconut.
  12. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Aria! SarahKat - I have not seen that scent at our YC store, but I could have missed it...I think currently there are resellers that you can order it from here. (Per Google!) Tonight it is TCC, Lavender Mist.
  13. Amy and Sharon, I have to be in the mood for cinnamon. Love clove, though! Thank you for the scent description, Sharon, that sounds like one I would like! Nutmeg, Ginger - favorites! Susan, I hope you get some rest now - and have some fun! Buy wax! Tonight it is Villanous - 101 Disappointments - woods, vanilla and vanilla if I recall correctly!
  14. Amy, I also get the ant brigade here...especially if I forget and leave a dish out with pet food left overs. In fact one lone lil' ant was traveling across my computer screen last night as I was typing. Starflower - very curious about your YC Viva Havana. I have not seen that one here. Maggie, I think some pups can be as needy as toddlers! Little cat is tucked away under the bed, I imagine it will be a few days before he comes out after all that he went through yesterday. I take my coffee and a book and hang out in the room so he will get used to people. Today it is Fifty Scents - Mandarin Mulberry.
  15. Amy - Dirty socks, fishy smells, you never know when we push that order button, do we? Maggie, I think that FP Apricot scent sounds divine! We have had a most-likely-semi-feral cat take up residence on my deck. Hungry and scared. Yesterday I noticed he may have been on the wrong side of a cat fight, so we started the process of trapping him to get him to the vet. Mission accomplished but wrangling an almost feral cat will poop you out. Many, many dollars later we were able to bring him home. ;) Now we will see if he can adapt to the indoors, he is very riled up right now in a room of his own. Today is an amazing melt from 2010. Grumpy Girl, OOB, - Ay Carumba, a strong lime.
  16. I missed that, Maggie! Who knew this could be a risky hobby! (And one of the reasons I have driven back home more than once to blow out tealights and turn of electric melters.) DH is out of town, so I had ice cream for dinner! Tonight - Shorties - Lavender.
  17. Honeybear - that is great news, but I know what you mean...it is hard to have them that far away. I think the thing I like about Pink Sugar is that it seems to last a really long time, no matter what it is blended with. :wub: Michele - I hope today was a better day for your sister. SaraKat - I use both types of melters. Usually I use tealights when the wax is hard like a Paraffin type. For a soft wax I think scent burns off too fast and use the electric ones. Tonight is one called Winter Berry. My nose is not doing well with it - it starts with yummy mint, but then I get dirty socks. :( Blech. (I will leave the vendor out since it could just be my nose!)
  18. Made it through Monday! It is very rainy - the ol' April showers bring May flowers thing, I guess! Tonight it is SGA - Pink Sugar Shaving Cream.
  19. Wow, Amy - that is a lot of night time entertainment! I don't believe I have heard baby owls before. This weekend has gone too fast...I am not sure I will be ready for Monday. Tonight it is Shortie's - Carnation. This one has been pretty realistic.
  20. Amy, this is the best time to take the pup for a walk, it is so fun to see all the new flowers coming up in all the yards! The birds are tearing up my planters with the Coco liners to use for nesting materials. It is fun to watch, but it is taking a tole on my patio décor! :huh: Looks like it will be a burger and Netflix-type of night! Melting ST - Hook.
  21. Isn't if funny how Christmas ends up in the middle of everything, Maggie? I come across those in unexpected melt drawers also... :huh: Amy, I hope you enjoy all the new B&BW finds...my newest is the foamy soaps. :wub: mpfand - I need to find a Walmart and I need to find that scent! It sounds just about perfect for my sniffer! Tonight is Saturday Eve!!! I am so ready for the weekend, it has been a challenging week... Melting Luscious Plum - YC.
  22. Maggie, me too! I look and feel guilty for no reason at all. And I am also ready for Friday. Amy, I am curious to see which wallflowers you end up with. They have pretty good sales on those, and there are those coupons... Honeybear, funny that you kept the tarts in a bowl! Michele, that VCS combo sounds like a very good one. I don't think I have have that blend before. Tonight - Merlin's Forest - Cheryl's.
  23. Good evening! Amy, so great that you could make it back for the party! Do any of you remember seeing melts for the first time? I could not figure out what in the world one would do with them. It just did not make sense to me. Then I figured it out - and here I am! Tonight it is City Chic - Amy's Country Candles
  24. I agree, honeybear - it is a great hobby! Cookie, I am a fan of Orange Blossom. Sometimes though, it smells like oranges, sometimes neroli. I like the neroli version! Tonight it is a very old, very wonderful CFTKR - Patchouli Embers, back from her ebay days!
  25. Amy, I have missed it - where are you now? And, great title! I have 5 melters placed, 3 are going most of the time. I do have one candle that I light when it gets dark - in a hallway that I can see from the kitchen, it is more about the ambience! In a glass container on a glass, non-flammable surface! I like melts so I can switch out the scents more often, and usually I find the scent is stronger. The vineyard was lovely - sunny weather, happy people, and it was a special event so there was yummy food! Maggie, so sorry to hear about your forest fire. We get really big ones every few years - last year was an especially damaging one...with all the winter rain now erosion is happening, ruining some wonderful hiking trails. Tonight it is Clean - from Cheryl's. One cube out of the clamshell and it is almost too strong!
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