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  1. Cookie, I agree! Wax chopping is very therapeutic! Amy, so funny about your candle being the potential culprit! That sounds exactly like my thought process in a situation like that! Tonight it is a missed OOB, Candle Dippers. A very old melt - Blue Skies - that is still very strong after many years.
  2. Coming back from the cat rodeo...3 cats needed vaccine updates. I will most likely not try that again! Amy, I hope the snow did not stop you today. It is lovely to sit and look at it, but not not much fun for travel. And kudos to you for getting though all that wax! Tonight it is Christmas Hearth - Cheryl's. I smell spicy orange peel!
  3. Amy, velcro cats are a mixed blessing! Hello, Sharon! It sounds nice and cozy being tucked in during the storm. Maggie, I hope your parties run smoothly are stress-free. Hugs, Susan, for the changes you are going though. In the melter - Sweet Sage's Berry Rosewater.
  4. Hi candlebuddies! It has been a very busy week! Kitty did OK with the dental work, however whenever I get near her she runs. She is NOT going back to the vet, she says! Michele, I am so pleased that your knee is doing so well! What a great recovery! Cookie, that is quite a list! Maggie, that darn soot can just sneak up on you! I am afraid to look at the wall above the chest where I burn candles. I am sure it is a grayer shade of paint than the other areas around it. Amy, I hope you are home and toasty and warm - but I think you may be a snow fan? Maybe the weather you just came from is right up your alley? I have not had time to clean melters - but - happy and amazed to report that the Scentsationals I started earlier in the week is just now pooping out. I think I said it was called Leaves, but closer inspection of the label tells me it is Autumn Leaves.
  5. I wondered about the honey part in that, Maggie...it is often too much! Amy, we are finally back to our rain. I prefer that to the cold, though! Those rain clouds keep things a little blanketed and warmer. I have a kitty going in for a dentistry early in the am...how to keep her from eating when I have a whole flock that will be ready for breakfast?!? I am stressing out all ready. I will be glad when it is tomorrow night and everything is over except her being mad! Tonight - Scentsationals - Leaves.
  6. Oohhh, Maggie! Sage, you say? Sign me up! I hope it is as good as it sounds! Sharon, another curry fan here! I bet it was delicious! Amy, this ban has been tough! Normally I would get a last purchase from some of my fav ones going OOB, but I have held strong and avoided buying. I hope I won't regret it when I use up the last of one of the baskets! Tonight is a chunky blend from Cheryl's - Strawberry, Mint blend and Shaving cream. I suppose I should break out the Christmas scents...
  7. Maggie, 'tis the season - I just came home from my work Christmas party also. Sharon - I am intrigued - can you smell the "woods" on your bluebell? Michele, I am glad to hear all is going well! Amy, I am going to have to look for the Peony. You make it sound fabulous! Tonight - CFTKR. Wild Air. I smell ocean and eucalyptus and some greens.
  8. Amy, that game sounds like great fun! I have to say I was 1 for 3 - I got the "fake cake" one! And thanks for not making us Google the states! Hooray for Thursday night. That means it is almost Friday! Tonight it is Log Cabin - Cheryl's. I smell that woodsy, smokey note.
  9. Good one, Susan! Maggie, I am in the same place...I know what I need to do, I am just not motivated enough to do it when I get home! Michele - that is great about your knee!! Some people have a rough time with that, but you seem to be progressing nicely! Amy...waiting to hear what your area of expertise is? I am happy that your group had a good evening socializing! It makes those times when they are annoying easier to go through! Tonight it is Man Cave by Sparkle.
  10. Home late so just a quick note... Amy, no new Scentsy since my lock down... Tonight - HHS, Lavender.
  11. Susan, you are reading my mind...I have a pile of old votives that are set to be chopped soon. I am glad you had a nice visit! Amy, I agree with Maggie, you tickled my funnybone! I am glad it worked! Michele - such great progress! And I think it would be fun to see my DH try to clean a melter. I am guessing that may not ever happen! Tonight it is Scentsy, Business Casual. (This one also has cardamom, Amy!)
  12. Hi Maggie! Having to de-ice car windows is a nuisance, Sharon! It is going to be 22 degrees here tonight...I have my little feral kitty out in his house with its warming pad, hoping it will be enough for this cold! I have to tell myself that it is warmer than if he was out on his own... Michele, your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers, and sending you healing wishes also! My best friend had her knee replaced in Oct., she is doing really well now. Amy, your Gnome sounds really cute! I am impressed that you could get your supply down so low! Tonight it has been YC, Moonbeams on Pumpkins.
  13. I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We just got home from our family celebration and I feel like I won't need to eat for a couple days! Tonight's melt is Pumpkin Souffle, from Cheryl's.
  14. I know, Amy - too many tempting emails right now. Where would I put new wax? Delete! Maybe next year... I hope you are feeling better. Susan, that is what makes me stop buying...lack of storage! Michele - sending you healing thoughts. A little to the south of us the weather is messing up Thanksgiving travel. It is called a bomb cyclone. Heavy snow, wind gusts, mountain travel not advised. Tonight I have an old Scentsy melting that is fabulous. Sorry I waited so long - Black Currant Bubbly.
  15. Amy, I hope you feel better soon! Wrong time to affect the appetite! Sharon, interesting about your store hours. Growing up, my small hometown had limited weekend hours. Tonight - Aromabeads, Juice Apple Pomegranate
  16. Oh my, Valerie, I bet you are counting the minutes until she is home. I hope it goes quickly for you both. Susan, how was your Root tealight? I am melting a small candle tin that is Root Ginger and Patchouli and although it is several years old, the throw is not bad. Amy, isn't that annoying? I frequently forget things at the store that had sent me there in the first place. I just get distracted! MyDH suggested going to the grocery store at about 3:00 this afternoon. UH, no! Too crazy busy for me right now. I am wishing I had gotten the Lavender sampler! Tonight I am melting CFTKR Cafe Vienna.
  17. Susan, you are enveloped in chocolate! Hungry now? Amy, Houston would be a big change for you! Humid at all? I don't know if that is seasonal or not! And hooray for a week off! It will be nice to not have to use travel-size toiletries! Tonight it is Cascading Snowberry by YC.
  18. Cookie, I am intrigued by your CFOW! What do you think? Hopefully you will be home all next week, Amy. I hope the time is going fast. Are you almost out of the Cronut? Time to clean the melters, then it will be Cheryl's Banana Mango Crisp.
  19. Michele, the dirt sent is fine in that blend - it also had mint and rosemary. I am not sure I would want it alone! Maggie, I have good luck with L3 also. I have way too many, actually... Naw, can't have too many, right? Tonight it is Pumpkin Pie - Creative Enchantment.
  20. Amy, yesterday was a busy errand day, along with time for a haircut! Tonight it is ST - Middle Earth. It is the one with dirt as one of the scent notes. It interests me that someone took the time to make a fragrance oil that smells like dirt.
  21. I agree, Susan, that candle sounds wonderful! Busy day, left the house at 8:30 and just got home at 6:30. Not my usual Saturday, more like a work day! Tonight it is a Lavender blend from Tiffany's. The label is there, but the writing has faded too much to read. Another oldie!
  22. Maggie, I am not sure what the odds are here, but I am also melting Colonial's New Orleans - (Jazz Fest). I bet this one is close to 3 years old so our timing is amazing! I have been melting though old OOB vendors, some without labels. I really like to read what I am melting, so I am moving fast. No eeking out the last scent, Michele! Tonight it is Happy Hippy - Lemon Marsh Cotton Candy.
  23. Our Easterners sure have a change in weather! Stay warm! We finally have rain, but it is staying in the 50s. How nice to have a week home, Amy! Clemmie probably wonders what's up! Michele, best wishes for your brother. Tonight it is CFTKR, Frost on the Pumpkin.
  24. Michele and Amy, I am so happy for you that you had such a wonderful day! It sounded divine! I know you will have fun next weekend as well! I have been sitting in a class all day...it sure is hard to get my steps in that way. I feel more tired now from sitting than when I am up and around cleaning the house! Susan, I am glad you have some time off! Rest! Relax! Melt! Tonight it is Scentsy - Mellow Moment
  25. Thanks, Cyn! It has been a busy work week but I will have a day off Friday. I am ready! Amy, I think many of us have cut back on melts - only to find candles and wallflowers start taking up the extra room! Tonight it is Scentsy - Southern Evening, a French Lavender blend
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