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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Congrats, Amy!  I will be an old lady before there will be a noticeable dent in  my "collection"!



    I am not sure how that got here, or how to make it disappear!  Oopsie.

    Susan, so glad to hear that you are better!  You too, Michele!  Your recovery has been amazing.

    My project has been extended through to the end of April...that is keeping me away from my melter. I am too pooped to do much but turn on the relights when I get home.  I have been good on my ban also...not deflecting into any other fun products...but have bought  a lot cat food on special and clearance! [smilie=th_laughing]

    Maggie, I am by an airport, also. I love watching them come in to land.


    Tonight one of my besties:  Persimmon Spice - Nene's.



  2. Michele, I hope you all had a wonderful time and have fabulous memories!

    Amy, I had a similar issue last week - needing a code but no way to get it. Sheesh, that is sooooo frustrating. There is nuthin' you can do.  

    And - about the candle warmer - I have not tried them because it seems like it would take a long time for the wax to melt enough for it to smell.  No?

    Valerie, do you make many pinks?  Or it is this vendor's version you like?

    Cookie, so nice to see you again!

    Sharon, I hope you are staying safe.  I just read about the flooding and the 92 mph winds.  

    (Maggie, there is a reason my kids grew up thinking the directions were called the "destructions".) [smilie=bagover]

    Tonight it is ST - Sleepy Beauty


  3. Michele, you must be very excited!

    Susan, thank you for checking in.  I hope things are getting  better for you. Big  hug.

    Amy, how strong!  Stopping at one order is impressive.

    Maggie, it sounds like your DH problem-solves like I do!  I am afraid I am the one the has "accidents" around here!

    Valerie, I love, love, love Nag Champa!

    Tonight it is Cheryl's chunk bar in Neroli/Lime/Vanilla Velvet



  4. Hello!  Thank heavens for weekends!  Otherwise I would just pull out a little cot and stay at the office, LOL!  

    I am glad to  hear you all are getting better, and Amy I hope you are happy with the amount of snow you received - we are getting close to the end of the season...happy dance out here!  We had our first daffodil bloom this week.

    Maggie, I am not so good at the hashtag stuff either!

    Tonight it is Colonial - Citrus Woods.

  5. Glad tomorrow is home day, Amy! The work project is still consuming a lot of time. I think it is supposed to last several more weeks - we are waiting to hear the timeline.

    Michele!  It is getting so close!  So exciting!

    Sharon and Maggie - I am sending you good healthy wishes, I hope you are on the mend.

    Tonight it is a late start for my melting again - Crosscreek Berry Balsam - and it happens to be red!



  6. Happy Super Bowl!  I am missing the Puppy Bowl...I should go tune in.  

    Michele, my DIL had a black and Tiffany Blue wedding.  My dress was also black.   :sHa_okay:

    Super title, Maggie!  I love it when it is Leap Day!

    Amy, I would love to see a young octopus!  Our aquarium has a really neat jellyfish display, but I don't think I have seen octopuses...I remember when we were told it should be octopi...don't see that much anymore.

    Tonight it is CYS - Lavender Breeze.

    OK...time to get back to the dips and other snacks! Oh, and the commercials. :sFun_nahnahna3:






  7. It has seen so warm that my daffodils are up and budding.  

    Mr. kitty is now speaking to me, and will remain in the same room with me, so all is well.

    Valerie, sending you hugs.

    Maggie,  a tart of the real elephant's ear would fall into the scents you are glad they never made.  I think we made a list of those a few years ago.  Dirty socks comes to mind!

    Well, here is the power of suggestion!  A few years ago my son gave me a beautiful YC candle for Mother's Day. I was a pretty pink with the the gorgeous label they usually have - pink and yellow blossoms.  In delicate scripting I saw "Mom" across the flowers.   I could not stand to burn it up so it has been sitting, waiting patiently.

    I pulled it out yesterday, it is time.  I thought  there would be very little scent by now, but I was so touched by the MOM part it was hard to burn up.  Looking at it closely when I was lighting it - well, guess what?  It does not say "Mom"  - it says "Mum" - the type of flowers all over the label.  [smilie=th_sSig_what]   I lit it right up!  I suppose I could have pretended we were from one of the countries across the ocean...

    Crosscreek here, too, Maggie - some of mine are getting pretty old, so I better get serious about melting them.  Today - Bergamot Coriander and also one from Me Time, Honeydew Raspberry Glaze.


  8. This may be a first for me...officially 2 months with no wax orders.  I have to say it is waaaay more fun when I have orders arriving.

    Amy, that is one advantage of a small room - those under performers get a chance to shine.

    Kitty has rallied - eating like crazy which is good.  The bad news is that he has to go for a recheck this weekend.  Anther day of trauma for the poor guy, back under the bed I am sure.

    Tonight - CYS, Energy - I smell oranges.


  9. More kitty drama - I am sure you expect that from me by now, LOL!  One of our rescues is having a dentistry - he will be left with only 3 teeth due to all the problems.  Poor guy.  I guess they do OK with few teeth, though.

    CandleC - that is a heartbreak!  I usually find scents I love and then the vendor goes out of business...[smilie=grrr]

    Maggie - I can not imagine what battleship would smell like!??

    Today is a CYS oldie - Portland...  wine grapes, rain and rose!


  10. Hi CandleConnoisseur!  I am not familiar with that scent from Ashland - but it looks like a nice chocolately one.  We often  have vendors we buy from  that will try and recreate the scent if there is a small amount left to send to them.  I have had pretty good luck trying that.  It is not fun to find a scent you love that has been discontinued.

    We have our "snow" - fortunately it is mainly dusting.  The best kind, as far as I am concerned.

    Amy, I love that Rocket scent.  She sure has some yummy ones!

    Tonight it is another Cheryl chunk bar - I have several oldies to use up - Orange Fizz/Ginger/Cedar.



  11. Valerie, it is so good that you get to keep her closer to home.  Hopefully you will get together again soon!

    Maggie and Michele - I hope your day went well!

    Amy, sad to have the vacation over...but I hope you are all refreshed and ready for the week!  My Potpourri Spice has a lot of cinnamon in it - I am just beginning to melt that scent again after fall overload.

    Susan, how was the throw on your tealight?  Sometimes they can be sort of small to get much scent, so it is nice to find a good one!


    Tonight it is a chunk bar from Cheryl's - Blueberry, Lemonade and Vanilla Coconut.



  12. Good evening, well into the swing of 2020!  Like you, Amy, I needed that night of rest after a the ongoing firecrackers of the night before.

    Michele, I  bet waiting for you to drive is like waiting for your teenager, who has too many activities, to get their license. You worry about how they are doing, but it sure is nice to know someone else has wheels!

    Cookie - I remember that scent from Scentsy!  I may even have a cube or two left.

    Maggie, I haven't had a chance yet to agree that your title is a very good representation of the the situation in my house also. 😊


    Tonight it is CFTKR - Potpourri Spice




  13. Happy NYE!  It is almost time for the big celebration for some of you!  It is just past dinner time here.

    Michele, I am so happy for  you!  The worst is behind!

    I am also alone tonight - but I suppose I should factor in the flock of kitties!   I am dreading the fireworks for the little furballs.   I usually wake up just time time for them to dive under the covers.

    Sharon, I hope the New Year is going well for you already!  My son is celebrating ahead of me also, he is in Glasgow right now.

    Amy, you are finding some unusual candles!  Do  you burn through them quickly or do you have a bunch of half-burned ones waiting for their next turn?

    Maggie, you have amazing energy!  2 games?  I would be impressed with myself if I could get one up and rolling.

    Tonight - SGA, Pink Serene Waters.

  14. I took the day off, will head to the beach soon.  

    Sounds like a lot of good regrouping time for all - after all the hustle and bustle getting ready. 

    Michele - how's the knee? Still healing well?

    Sharon - more info about your 2nd holiday, please!

    Maggie, I am sad that Colonial does not seem to be carrying many melts anymore. Very few are on the website. I wasn't crazy about the really soft wax, but so many wonderful scents!

    Amy - with the B&BW Sale - more Lava Cake coming? Cocoa?

    Today  it is ST - Indiana Jones.  I can smell currant and honey.


  15. Amy, we will be hosting this year.  Finally everyone will be in town at the same time!

    I don't think I have tried that candle, Amy and Cookie. Sounds like one I need to investigate.

    Christmas Eve Eve - and I suddenly am remembering things I did not do.  Trying to decide if it is worth the traffic or just have things be late...

    Tonight it is BH&G  - Red Currant and Poinsettia

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