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  1. Hi! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. My wax and warmers are packed and I'm ready for our big move! DH and I are about to become empty nesters. We will be moving in with DS temporarily while our new house is being built. If I decide to continue my wax hobby I'll be back in a couple of months. Take care, friends.
  2. Good morning! Melting a mystery melt from Front Porch. I was a little scared of this one; it had an odd cold smell, but it's actually very good and super strong. It's definitely bakery, zucchini bread and something else....anyway, glad I gave it a try! Have a good day, everyone.
  3. Hi all :D Michele, glad you're feeling better. :) Debra, yard work always awakens muscles I didn't know I had. Melting Blueberry Pink Sugar Cone from Savannah Blue.
  4. Hello! :) Melting Pink Sands from Yankee.
  5. Amy, I'm so sorry..... thinking of you and your family..... Melting a gift from a sweet waxie pal, Baja Cactus Blossom from Candy Panda.
  6. Melting a gift from a waxie buddy, Pineapple Orange Vanilla from Wax House Melts. Pineapple and orange is a great combo; thanks! :D
  7. Hope your DH feels better soon, Honeybear. Starflower, your blends sound incredible! Coconut Milk and Lavender is one of my absolute favorite scents. :wub: Melting a gift today, Kentucky (Blackberry Mint Julep) from The Scented Squirrel. Delightful, thank you. :)
  8. Not anymore. The person below me prefers white wine over red wine. ????
  9. Michele, we must have been working on our posts at the same time....so glad your friend received good news! And your scents sound wonderful!
  10. Good morning! :) Michele, I hope your friend has received good news regarding her health. The waiting must be agonizing. :( Maggie, have fun! Amy, glad you got some good sleep. What an special retirement gift your friend did for his partner! And I'm a firm believer that age is just a number. ;) Melting Bluebeard from L3. (Blue Sugar, Pistachio, Savory Bakery)
  11. Yes, a few. So pretty. ???? The person below me has a favorite salad for summertime.
  12. Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday. Melting Lemonberry Cookie Bread from K's Kreations. Thanks, candle buddy! ????
  13. Happy birthday, Debra! Congratulations to your boys, Aria! Melting Suit Up from SGA-blue sugar marshmallow vanilla bean noel. Great combo!
  14. Today's scent is from a sweet CF pal, Peach Magnolia Raspberry from Closet Full of Wax.
  15. Melting gifts today, Little Mermaid from SGA and Summer Berry Bliss from Rainbow Melts. Thank you, friend! ???? Have a good day. ☺
  16. Happy birthday, Amy! Hope you have a wonderful day! Melting Wild Berry Cheesecake from BH&G. I smell berries and graham crust. Yum!
  17. Nuts, yes. Raisins, no. The person below me enjoys making and eating a charcuterie board.
  18. Melting a gift from a CF sweetie, Never Been Kissed from Super Tarts. Good and strong! Hope everyone is having a good day. :)
  19. Congratulations to your DD, Honeybear! Biolaeagles, hope your little guy is feeling better soon! Melting Vanilla Cinnamon from Tuscany Candle. This is actually very good.
  20. Yes, I do! The person below me is fluent in two or more languages.
  21. Aria, great title! Biolaeagles, I'm so sorry you got food poisoning. Get some rest and feel better soon! Melting Viva Las Vegas, a gift from a thoughtful waxie pal. :wub: This was a beautiful, giant flower and smells amazing; kind of reminds me of banana taffy. Love It! Hope everyone is having a great day! :D
  22. Honeybear, donating and deducting has worked well for us for years, until the tax laws changed this year. We do still donate, though. In fact, that's what I've been doing this afternoon; making piles of books, movies and music go to the library, old linens to the animal shelter and everything else to Airmans Attic on base. In preparation for our upcoming move, a yard sale was a great way to get rid of the larger, bulkier items that are difficult to donate. Aria, enjoy DS's game! Sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. ???? Couldn't smell my earlier scent so changed to Welcome Home from Scentsy.
  23. Good morning! Thanks for the good luck wishes! The yard sale was a success! Got rid of stuff, met really nice people and made a little cash. ;) Debra, that sounds like the perfect day. Melting Mango Sorbet Limoncello from BH&G. This is a little on the light side, but a great scent! Enjoy your Sunday. :)
  24. Yes! I love the natural light. The person below me has had a yard sale/garage sale.
  25. Safe travels to you, Amy! ???? Debra, how's Kitty doing? ???? Unfortunately, the cantaloupe scent from Scentsy is no longer available....sad because it was one of their stronger fruity scents. ???? Tomorrow I am having a garage sale. Wish me luck....haven't had one since we lived in FL, over 15 years ago! Fortunately, DD and her fiance are coming to help. Melting Apricot Raspberry Zinger from Front Porch. It's going to be in the 90's today so all the fruity scents sound so good! ???????????????????? Have a great Friday, everyone! ????
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