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  1. I like Lace Draped Spectre but don't love it since it's such a strong scent(and it lasts forever). My favorite Solstice perfumes are Sandalwood and Vanilla, Nightgown, and Devil's Tongue. Never thought I would like a leather scent, but Devil's Tongue was an immediate love for me.
  2. Laurie,it's weird how I don't like Nag Champa since I am an earthy scent lover. I can do Dragon's Blood, Sandalwood, Amber, and all sorts of woods, but not the ole' Nag. Nag makes me gag! CandleDippers had awesome and long-lasting scents in bath and body. Haus of Gloi's emulsifying scrubs leave a lot of moisture (oils) on the skin so the scent sticks around. Their pumpkin butter body cream is also well scented. I have never tried their perfumes. I prefer Solstice Scents for body creams and perfumes, though, because I like her scent blends the best. She usually doesn't have scrubs, and when she does, they sell out quickly.Both Haus of Gloi and Solstice have the scents you would like, Laurie (non-foody).
  3. This sounds really nice. I would want to know if the incense note had nag champa, though, which is a deal breaker for me. My scent today was Moonalisa Mabon.
  4. Wylde Ivy's Raven. I am in love with this scent.
  5. The soaps sell out first, so go for your first choice soap as soon as the sale starts and then immediately go back for your second choice. Do you have a fast computer? :D I love Sweet Smoke & Woods. It is very similar to Hayride, which I also have. Did you see what's coming soon for her winter collection? GOOD STUFF! For you foodies, there's Cranberry Marshmallow Fluff. OMG, I am not a foodie, but I want this.
  6. I love the excitement of ordering from a Moona opening. It used to annoy me, especially to have what I want sell out before I could get it. Now that I have a good collection, I am content to just try a new scent or two in any of the products and stock up on the perfumes(which are very easy to get).
  7. They have been on my list to try but I haven't got around to it yet.
  8. Boogie


    The glossing oils are so hard to finish. I wish we could get them in smaller sizes. I am just about finished with my Golden Pumpkin glossing oil and have had it for at least two years...could be three! And the scent doesn't last for more than an hour or so now when it used to last all day. It just isn't worth it to buy more than I know I can use. I would have bought another oil in Golden Pumpkin, but figured I would wait until next year and give Winchester, Incantare, and the other dozen Haunt oils I have a chance to be used up! Does Palmist smell like a head shop? I love earthy scents, but not the ones that are heavily patchouli. Would love to try Archeo, too.
  9. Boogie


    I picked up two scrubs in scents I have never tried but have heard were awesome: Winchester (worn brown leather, sweet tobacco leaf, incense, amber, labdanum and smoldering woods). Burying Tree (wild apples mulled with warm spice, twisted oaks, black fir needles, dark earth, and crisp autumn air). Also bought glossing oils in Winchester and Incantare (soft citrus notes dusted with clove, haunting florals, golden chunks of amber, sandalwood, and dark incense. I am soooo looking forward to trying these goodies. I have been into leather scents lately...well, one in particular called Devil's Tongue by Solstice Scents. Winchester come to me soon!
  10. Boogie


    Chagrin Valley has quality soap, and lots of good-for-you soap formulas. They even let you buy sample sizes of most of the soap bars. http://www.chagrinvalleysoapandsalve.com/products/for-the-body/soap-bars/ Alchemic Muse...Yes,I second that recommendation. Paintbox Soapworks on Etsy is amazing! Wonderful scents, and they rotate new/seasonal collections often. Their earthy scents are so good. https://www.etsy.com/shop/paintboxsoapworks?view_type=list
  11. Hi candlerah, it sounds like you and I have similar skin issues. If you have very dry facial skin, you can try exfoliating a couple of times a week with a product made especially for sensitive facial skin. The gals at Sephora are super helpful and can recommend an exfoliating cleanser. Unfortunately, they are usually pricey. When you wash your face, use a product that doesn't have soap in it, because soap is super drying. You can find those in any store...a good example is Cetaphil. You can use almost any moisturizer, as long as it is for the face and says it is for dry skin. For the body and hands, you can try bath oils and just soak for about 15-20 minutes in room temperature water. Do not wash hands or take baths/showers with hot water...the cooler the water, the less drying to the skin. When you get out of the shower, apply Vaseline or baby oil to skin while it is still wet. This will trap the moisture. On occasion, I fill a pan with cool water and baby oil and soak just my hands. One minute in, one minute out...do this for about 20 minutes a couple of times a day. I get severe eczema on my hands and when they start to crack, I break out this technique recommended by my dermatologist. I have been told to pat dry the hands (never rub them dry)and apply a good cream. This helps my dry winter hands and makes them super soft. Since this is a chronic issue, I have to keep on top of it every year. Favorite etailer brand creams: Cocoa Pink Cocoa Mango Body Butter http://cocoapink.net/ If your skin is cracked, do not use a scented cream. Also, avoid anti-bacterial hand gels! Also, if your skin is drier in the cold months, you may want to look into a humidifier for your bedroom while you sleep and another for whichever room you use most. Sometimes, our heating systems dry out our skin.
  12. I'll look for this the next time I'm in Target or Wally World. My skin is losing its natural oils every time I shower and I have dry patches on my arm that turn bright red when I get out of the shower. My doctor told me to start applying either Vaseline or baby oil gel to my wet skin as soon as I get out. I am not happy about this because I love using my scented creams and body butters!
  13. Eggnoggin is a delicious scent !
  14. I used my Love You Long Time body cream with aloe the other day. I have noticed that they no longer carry this type of cream. It's so perfect and cooling for the summer.
  15. Pink Flower Scents Lavender Clouds shea cream Lilypad Sweet Bliss Quench
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