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  1. Hey yall, good morning, i needed to switch things up a bit so i put in sea salt caramel melt by Morgan Childs. Lovely scent and its giving the the energy i need for this birthday party im going to a little later Dear Maggie, Thank you for the suggestion, ill be sure to check out Goosecreek after my event Hope yall have a great Saturday
  2. Dear Debra, Hello there, I knew i should have asked him if i could keep it. It was my teachers and he would light it during the times we would write essays. Darn, if only i had known. He recently moved to another continent so that is not an option sadly. Discontinuations is a curse placed on me, first my Netflix series, a few songs i can only find on YouTube and not on Spotify, and now an amazing candle argg. Thank you so much for that option though, it gives me a fall back plan when i have future candle needs Dear Maggie, Hello there and thank you! I am naturally a very skeptical person but this scent was very well concocted and would have been a delight to anybody's senses, as long as they like chocolate haha. I do recommend CountryLiving's "Grandma's Sugar Cookies" candle, very pleasant and it definitely lingers for a bit after.
  3. Hey yall, I am seeking your help. I have been looking for a particular candle for about a year now and i just cant come up with anything. I came across this candle while in school. Its the Ashland Chocolate Pudding container candle. There is only one google image of it. I've tried googling it and there isn't even a website for Ashland. Its not sold on amazon or eBay and i haven't found a store that sells them. Ashland is apart of Micheals but the dont seem to sell them anymore or atleast they are not on their website anymore. I would love if you guys could help me in any way, any leads would be great. If there ends up being any stores in the bay area that holds them that would be amazing. Thanks yall. Hope yall have an amazing day
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