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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hello, friends.


    Last night it was off to the airport again. A quick weekend with DD#2, made even shorter with the four-hour delay Friday night. We made the best of it though. And always sad to see her go.


    Sounds like you all had good weekends. Maggie and Michelle, hope you’re both feeling back to normal and enjoying your scents fully!


    Maggie ~ I have Little Mermaid and had to pull it out for a sniff. [smilie=yes] Smells beautiful and can’t wait to pop some in a warmer.


    Michele ~ I was eyeing that Unskinny Bop. Wonder if she has any on her site? [smilie=th_F_14WA116161617]


    ST Coven ~ Cola, Cake Batter, VBN, and Zucchini Bread ~ yum

    SGA Blue Sugar Marshmallow Noel ~ I started this the other day, but turned it off to save it since I wasn’t going to be in this room while my daughter was here.


    I’m off in a bit to pick up my Dessa’s preorder. Did I mention she is only 15 minutes from me!? I’ll post a picture in the group app. [smilie=th_LOVE]




    Group app? Can I join? ????


    Sharon, I was thinking about your emojis. Are you on your phone or computer? They are much easier to see on the computer. If you look down at the very bottom, you will see a tiny drop-down box - make sure you're not on the mobile version when at the computer. The full version gives you access to the emojis. I remember Michele and I tried to sort out the emojis on her iPhone and we couldn't do it. I'm not too IT savvy so I'm sorry if this just made everything even more confusing.


    Thank you for that, I am on my mobile phone, maybe that is indeed why?


    Starting my day off by going for a walk, it's cold here, thankfully no snow.

    Will be melting when I get home, not sure what as yet, thinking floral today but no doubt i'll change my mind.


    Good morning, you're all asleep as I write this. Minimum 5 hours behind me xx

  3. Sharon, your potato leek soup sounds so beautiful that I almost packed up and headed your way. [smilie=th_smilies-2] Also - is there somewhere on your screen where it says "Enable Emoji"? Or, a little smiley face up above the screen where you type your reply, like Maggie said - click that. I remember in the beginning I couldn't find them either.


    Debra - daffodils?! In January!! Surely making an early appearance.


    Emojis are enabled, I'm sure they'll turn up eventually, lol

    Soup was delicious, you'd have been welcome here.

    We have daffodils here too. Too early I know!

    Incidentally, Daffodil is our national flower in Wales. Today is also the Welsh Valentines day, St Dwynwens.

  4. Good morning everyone, just had a couple of busy days where I've not had time to change any melts. I've two electric ones on timers so they've been coming on as normal, can't remember what's in them and there's no smell coming from them.

    So, time to empty them and I'm going with


    Kitchen-Skittles by Darley Llama

    Living room- YC Winter Wonder


    Happy Wednesday everyone ????


    Ps hoow do you get all those emojis? Xx

  5. Late start for me today, its 2pm in the UK.


    Burning Goose Creek Sparkling Woods in the kitchen.


    Living room I am melting 1000 Wishes from a UK vendor called Cleaves. Its a dupe of BBWs 1000 Wishes I believe. We don't have BBW in the UK so don't know how authentic it is. I really like it though.

    I wish we had BBW here, I belong to another candle group on FB so that's how I know about it. The fragrances sound amazing.

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