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  1. Good Morning! Everyone survived Halloween and had a good time? Sounds like it. Now we just have to survive whatever candy is leftover. Thanks for all your input on the private messaging. I have a "1" on my avatar when I sign in. I've used this type of forum before and knew that meant I have a private message, but when I click on it it gives me an error that says: [#10226] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system. To whoever sent me that PM, I'm sorry! I'm not ignoring you! I just can't get to your message. Melting one of Hanna's Pumpkin Palooza scents today - Creamy Pumpkin Butter. I think it's the best one of the bunch. Very nice!
  2. Anyone know why I am getting an error that I am not allowed to use the private messaging system?
  3. Pumpkin Caramel Parfait by Hanna's Pumpkin Palooza collection is just starting to melt this morning. Hope it's a strong one. I just heard about Trunk or Treat this year too. Sounds like they don't even do it on the actual day of Halloween. Doesn't sound like as much fun to me, but what do I know. Hope everyone has fun and is safe tonight!
  4. Good morning! I've had the house open all morning and it's beautiful. I'll have to close up in an hour or so. Trying to trap the cooler air in and avoid the AC coming on this afternoon! Honeybear - did you manage to get to Fry's for those Lemon Sugar Cookie melts? Oh, it's so good! Interesting to hear about the vendor's concern about melters. I can't help be a little dubious about their safety. Could be the former insurance person in me. I've left the industry, but the things I've seen and heard never will leave me. Maggie - I had to check out what you meant about the My Paradox Box candles and taking the tops off. I get it now! Those look fascinating. Debra - Wow, how exciting to see a bald eagle like that! Must've been quite affecting so close up. Your Blackberry Bourbon sounds devine. I notice I'm really getting into bakery and berry type scents lately and that one sounds great. How great having a beach house you can use so often! I LOVE roasted vegetables too! My favorite! Susan - I'm so sorry this month hasn't been so good for you. Problems really do seem to come all bunched together like that. Not fair! Lemon Curd sounds droolable (if that's a word....it is now!) I just love anything lemony!! Mpfand - How was that Graveyard Fog? Black wax does sound spooky and I love it! AmyJo - So great to hear your dinner out with DH was so good! And to have a favorite restaurant get even better? Fantastic. I love the rain too, but I hope you don't get too much. A nice, slow, soaker is what I love. Stay dry! Michele - I laughed about your DD saying you "have a problem". That's my kind of problem. That Buttered Brew you and AmyJo talked about sounds great! Burning my pretty pillars and melting Hanna's Cinnamon Pumpkin Tart this morning. Can't believe it's Halloween tomorrow. Are you all handing out treats? Dressing up? My neighborhood doesn't seem to get much kid traffic anymore, and I'm not all that crazy about buying candy for teenagers who come around every year, so I'm going to pass this year. Bummer, but times are a-changing, I guess.
  5. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has fallen for the flameless candles. If true wax fiends like this group are on board, I feel justified! Debra - your DH's flameless addiction cracked me up! What a great thing to have a DH keep bringing into the house! Melting GC Cherry Cobbler this morning. Heavenly. I'm quickly becoming a bakery fan.
  6. Thanks for all of your welcoming of my questions! Awesome group of ladies! I appreciate your perspectives on the melters. I have one in the master bedroom that I usually turn on an hour or two before bedtime, but I always turn it off when I settle in. I would dearly love to have it smell awesome when I wake up. I may have to get adventurous and try leaving it on all night! The Tuscany Candles Lemon Sugar Cookie yesterday was SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD! I turned the melter off when I left to go out for the evening and when I got back several hours later, it still smelled like lemon cookies baking. I'm in love! Those were $1 each clamshell at Fry's (Kroger) the other day. Today I lit some scented pillars I have had for awhile. They smelled nice just unlit, but they gave out NO scent while burning, which has been my experience with pillars in general. They looked pretty burning though. I turned on the melter with Candlemart (Hanna's) Vanilla Aromabeads. It's a very gentle fragrance. Very nice. I watched a QVC Luminara flameless candle infomercial last night...couldn't resist. Those are so pretty! A few years ago I was quite scornful of flameless candles. What's the point I would say. But they've grown on me. I now have 10 flameless candles (not Luminaras, but still nice) now throughout my house! I like that they flicker and have timers and can be safely displayed where an actual candle might not be so great. With a real candle or two burning and my melter(s) going, I'm not missing out on any fragrance, and I get lots of pretty, glowing candle light. I think they're great for night lights too. When I have overnight company, I like to leave one going in the hall bathroom.
  7. Wednesday? How the heck did that happen?? Honeybear - I'm so sorry to hear of your mom's stroke and her fall! It's so hard to see them ailing and in pain, isn't it? Your break-in sounds absolutely TERRIFYING! Good for you for screaming! Sounds very like what's been going on around here. Police think the criminals come around and ring or knock to see if anyone is home. If they don't get an answer or hear TV/radio/movement/dogs, they'll then break right in. They thought that's what probably happened at my place. I, like you, would always not answer the door if I didn't want to deal with it, but NEVER again. I've got the Ring doorbell now, so even if I'm not at home, I'll be able to shoo anyone away or call the police! Mpfand - You're Superwoman for having your guest bedroom and bath ready for company! Spontaneity is NOT my middle name! I'd have to fly around like a ninny to get things ready for a drop-in overnight guest. I'm in total awe, and glad you enjoyed your company! Michele - so glad you had fun and success at the outlets! I've got one just a couple of miles away that I haven't ventured to yet. Need to do that before the holidays! Debra - I don't blame you for missing your traveling dog (and DH of course!). AmyJo - I was glad my instincts were on target! I've always thought I was pretty aware of my surroundings without being paranoid, and I guess I was right, thankfully. Weird though, that I began to doubt my instincts. Never again! I'm trusting my gut from now on! Hilarious about those guys trying to escape trying to break in at your place! I could watch videos of situations like that ALL DAY! Glad they were caught! MaggieMae - Indian Summer sounds perfection. I checked it out and it's half price. Aaaaaaaaaaah! I had to scrub out the dish of my warmer last night. It had burnt on hard wax residue. It took baking soda and vinegar soak and some Soft Scrub to get it clean again. Is this common? Did I have it on too long? Another question....are you all getting tired of my newbie questions yet? Do you leave your electric (hot plate type) warmers going all night? I'd like to, but I'm a little nervous about it. What's the consensus? I'm having a break from the fall fragrances today and melting Tuscany Candle Lemon Sugar Cookie. They had them half price at the grocery store and I stocked up. Yum!
  8. Good Monday morning! My break-in happened in mid-June. I came home about 10:00pm and the second I came in through the garage entry door, something felt off. I didn't hang around...just left, got in my truck and drove away, calling the police. I was convincing myself that nothing was actually wrong and I had imagined that it wasn't right. I didn't stay long enough to actually pinpoint anything that was wrong, so of course, I started to doubt myself. In the end, police came with their dog, went through the house, came back out where my lovely neighbors had surrounded me with love and concern and told me they broke in through my master bedroom window. Threw a concrete paver through the window, sending shattered glass all over the room, bed, everything. They ransacked the bedroom and stole most of my jewelry. Looked like they did a cursory search of the rest of the house but evidently were spooked by a neighbor I didn't know well and left quickly. Neighbor wasn't sure - had a feeling it wasn't right but didn't call the police and didn't have my number to call and check with me. Almost $10,000 in property damage and theft later, and 2 months of dealing with it, and I was just about back to normal. I never knew it would be so awful. But, that very night I felt so blessed and grateful that I wasn't there when it happened, and that I didn't walk in on them in the act. Six days after the break-in, my 84 year old mom fell and broke her arm, so this summer was a real SUCK-FEST. Pardon my language. I'm just glad it's over, Mom is recovered, house is back to normal. Autumn....so far.....is MUCH better! The cool, rainy weather several of you are having sounds great. We're back in the 80s and low 90s and AC is coming on. I know...boo hoo. But I'm ready for cooler weather! You all are making me desperate to try some Blue Sugar! It's on my list now of must-gets. Saturday I dug the remaining wax out of my pumpkin jar and saved for using in my melter. Do you all do that? This one was smoking more than usual at about 1 inch, so I gave up burning and will melt the rest of that gorgeous fall scent. And now I know how to properly store it....not in ziploc bags! This morning I'm burning Mainstays Pumpkin Spice. Over the weekend it was Mainstays Mulled Cider, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Have a great Monday!
  9. Hey guys! I'm with you guys on having the window cracked open at night. I love the smell of fresh air in the house. Since my break in I haven't felt the same about it though. I can't remember, did I tell you guys about that? MaggieMae - thanks for the description of patchouli. I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about - never knew it was so apropos of autumn and Halloween, but it makes sense. I think I may have a pillar candle with some patchouli or sandalwood fragrance. It's a nice coppery brown color. It used to be one of those pretty-but-don't-burn candles, but I think I'll burn it now! It still smells pretty strong just sitting there! Candlelove - your Strawberry Torte sounds gooooood. I'm with you on changing up from fall scents for a bit. Think I'll melt some GC Cherry Cobbler next. AmyJo - I'm sympathetic about your cold weather forcing the windows closed. I'm on the other end today. My AC just came on! Wah! I hated closing up the house late this morning! Oh, the enabling! I restrained myself from ordering those Luke's Diner melts. I REALLY wanted to, but I'm trying to keep on my wax budget. Debra - I hate it when the candy calls because of stress! If I eat it, I want to savor it. Doesn't always work that way though! Honeybear - enjoy your day with DH and DD#1! And if you all are interested in some cute Hallween emojis....try this: PicGifs.com Happy Friday! I'm coming to the end of my cute Goose Creek Toasty Hot Toddy Pumpkin candle. I've really enjoyed it, but I'm ready for a change. I'm going to use the cute jar to put my autumn potpourri in (that alcohol trick worked temporarily, but it's now smell-less again, but it's still pretty!). It'll become a permanent part of my autumn decor.
  10. Good evening lovely ladies! I've got my Goose Creek Toasty Hot Toddy candle and melts going this evening, along with ribs in the oven. Competing fragrances but oh, so heavenly in here! Plus the smell of fresh air with the house open. NICE! I love all the talk about organizing wax and finding cool things to burn and melt. I'm an organization freak (I didn't say my house was always perfectly clean, but organized...YES!) Thank you all for your responses to my warmer questions. I'm taking all of your advice about the plug-in warmers and since I'm prone to spilling and knocking over, will avoid those! I have been scoping out some tealight warmers and I think I've found a few that might work in different spaces in the house. Yay, something else I must have! You guys crack me up with your waxie-language (waxidents, waxaholics) Honeybear - how cool that you know how to make your own! I'm sure it is quite an expensive "hobby"! Michele - glad you got home safe and sound. I bet it's tough being away from your DH as much as you are. AmyJo - thanks for that explanation of the vendors' selling models. I appreciate that and the advice on timing of restocks. It was NOT too long! I love learning all this new information about my new obsession! Debra - Spiced Cranberry sounds wonderful! How was it? Aria - Apple Cider Delight! More beautiful Autumn scents! Mpfand - bummer when they aren't strong enough! Cookielady - Apples, apples! Love it! Maggiemae - I don't think I've ever had any Patchouli scented wax. I must be missing something special. Have a great evening and night everyone!
  11. Lovely, rainy weekend around here, and I got a lot of indoor projects done. I got my house decorated for autumn, which is not too complicated. Just some little knick-knacks to set around and a fall leaves garland to hang in the "pass through" between my kitchen and living room. But....I had to clean before I did that. Love a clean house...hate to clean! I also helped my mom do the same at her house. I just love the fall colors! AmyJo - so glad you had fun with BFF! How funny that you "exchanged" some of the same stuff. Great minds, right?? Blackberry jam and lemon curd sounds so good, but waaaah, it's out of stock! Sob! I love to eat both, and with a prolific lemon tree in my backyard, I've become a pro at making some darn good lemon curd myself! I haven't found that my wax smells stronger, but in lieu of having the AC on constantly, I now have my house open most of the day, so dunno! Six melters sounds GREAT to me. I'll aspire to that for my a-l-m-o-s-t 1200 sq foot house! This question is for everyone, but do you prefer the electric melters? That's what my 2 are. I'm not wild about the tealight melters or the lightbulb melters. Do you guys have any of the plug-in to a socket melters? I've been contemplating one of those for my hall bath. Candlelove - so great that DD loves Ohio! Is she staying very long with you? MaggieMae - I haven't ordered any candles from Candlemart, just melts so far. My first order was mostly for an out-of-state friend who's a movie buff. We became friends Freshman year of HS and she moved away at the end of that year, but we've stayed in touch and exchange Christmas packages each year. This year I'm doing a movie themed package for her. I've got one of those big, plastic popcorn holders and am filling it with all things movie. Candlemart has candy scented melts and I got her Twizzlers, Whoppers, York Peppermint Patties, Jolly Rancher Watermelon (and I got me Jolly Rancher Lemon! Put it away for next spring/summer) and I ordered her a buttered popcorn melt from Mel's Candles. Then I got a 20% off next order email and...well....I needed some additional fall scents, right? So I ordered the "Pumpkin Palooza" 4-pack (Cinnamon Pumpkin, Creamy Pumpkin Butter, Pumpkin Caramel Parfait and Sweet Pumpkin Roll), Sugarplum Dream and Warm Apple Pie. I found Candlemart reviewed on a Candlefind Blog review. Very reasonable and great service. I'll let you know how they throw once I get to melting! Mpfand - All Hallows Eve sounds GREAT! I checked out Golden Willow Waxes and practically everything is sold out. Is that usual? I guess each vendor's supply and demand is different? Honeybear - how sad DD#2's visit was so short. I bet you all had so much fun, and especially with Heidi Pie - love that name! I saw you were melting something homemade - does that mean you made it yourself? Tell me more about that please! Debra!! You're back!! I sure hope they can get a permanent fix on your internet real soon. I agree 100% with you, having it at our fingertips is great, and also can have a downside. I fear our attention spans are dwindling all the time. So glad Sophia-kitty is all better. Checking out Southbound today and it too is completely sold out! This is new to me guys. Is this due to being smaller vendors and not enough production? Or do they produce in big batches and then release more as they make them? Have a great day everyone!
  12. I'm back! Had a couple of super-busy days and....well, you know how it is. Burning and melting Goosecreek Toasty Hot Toddy again today. Very autumn-y. I made lime sherbet with my new-ish Rival ice cream maker. I had a grocery pickup order and they gave me Realime juice as a replacement for Rose's sweetened lime juice (for my vodka gimlets!) so instead of returning I decided to try it. I hope it's tasty! AmyJo - I crocheted the throw for my friend. One grandma taught me crochet and it took, and the other grandma tried to teach me to knit and...don't know why...I got so frustrated I gave up on it! It turned out real pretty. I did it in the "lemon peel stitch." Glad your cool weather finally arrived. I tried to find Zeep Luke's Diner (big Gilmore Girl fan here) and couldn't. Discontinued maybe? Was lunch with BF fun? Candlelove - the yarn return went fine. It's good to have ALL THAT YARN out of the house! I know you're going to have a blast this weekend with DD! MaggieMae - glad you're making a dent in your chunks. I'm working up to having a collection that I feel pressured to use up. Right now I'm afraid I'll burn/melt all my fall wax before fall is done. I did place an order for more fall melts from Candlemart the other day - looking forward to their arrival Monday! Hi Debra! Glad you posted and are lurking. Taking a long time to get your internet fixed, huh? I agree with you. I love my phone, but there are some things that are just too hard to do on it. Hurry back! Mpfand - I was thinking I wanted to ask how many warmers you all have and you answered it! I only have two right now. One is in my kitchen but I have an open kitchen/living room/dining area, so anything burning or melting in the kitchen is all over that whole area. The other is in my bedroom. I burn little candles in the hall bathroom too sometimes. Honeybear - can't wait to hear kitty's new name and how she's doing. Hey, you're right, Chandler isn't soooo far away. Almost as far away here in the valley area as you can get, but very doable. We'll have to figure something out some time!
  13. Thanks to you all for your answers to my questions. I see some YouTube videos of people who literally have roomfuls of candles and wax displayed perfectly on shelves and, while this looks like heaven to have your own "store" to shop in every day, kind of scares me. I don't have a whole room to dedicate to this! My one little lower kitchen cabinet is full to bursting with candles and wax. And to be fair, one little shelf of my cookbooks are in there too. Whenever I get a cookbook out, it smells so good! Maggie, I looked up your Etsy shop - wow, such beautiful wreaths! You are an artist. I'm burning Mainstays Pumpkin Spice along with Goose Creek Vanilla Pumpkin Waffle tealights. Yum! I wasn't expecting much from the Mainstays since Apple Pumpkin was so lightly scented, but this one is nice. Not super-strong, but pleasant and subtle. Definitely a pumpkin-y vibe going in here. I've been melting some sort of lavender scent in the bedroom about an hour before bed, and it's been really nice. I wish I had a melter with a timer, but I'm not buying another one right now. Going to Michael's for my cello bags this afternoon. I also have to return soooo much yarn! I just completed a Kelly Green throw for my best friend in Missouri, and when I ordered the yarn from Michael's they messed up and sent me multiples of my order! Yikes! I finished the throw and still have two HUGE Bed Bath & Beyond bags stuffed full of yarn to return. Not heavy but BULKY. I'll be a sight walking in with those.
  14. Good morning ladies! What a beautiful weekend it was here in Arizona with the clouds and the rain and the mid-70s temps. Per-FEC-tion. I love reading all your posts and it sounds like you all have known each other forever and send each other presents and meet up for brunch. It's so much fun! Being a noob here I have to ask....you all seem to have so many candles and melts to choose from and change out so often. I'm extremely jealous. If this question is out of bounds...just say so! Do you all order or shop from multiple vendors regularly? Would you say you buy something new every month, or even more often? I feel like my budget precludes me from exploring as much as I'd like to with new vendors, and there are SOOOO many I'd like to explore! How do you all manage it?!? I have the feeling you guys have been serious wax fans for a long time, and may have added to your collections over a period of years. I've been a candle lover for a long time too, but have just recently gotten more serious about it. I can tell I've got some catching up to do with you experts! Okay, moving on. Maggie, I have to know since I've seen a couple of references to your fall wreaths and your etsy shop. Can you tell me what your shop name is? I'd love to look you up there! I had to laugh when you said you had to keep your wax in hiding from your hubs. AmyJo, hope your newly coated road will be smooth and quiet. Our street had that done a year or so ago, and traffic noise was way reduced. But it sure is smelly and inconvenient on the day(s) they do it! Honeybear, so glad your new kitty is such a joy! Can we post pictures here? I'd love to see her! Cookielady, Sage & Citrus is one of my favorite fragrances! Candlelove, so glad the movie was so good. I love Bradley Cooper too! Debra, gosh I hope your internet will be back up soon. Hope you're able to at least lurk and get your fix. Hope kitty is better too! Mpfand, I had to look up Dancing Leaves and it sounds so good! Did you like it? Great day everyone!
  15. Happy Saturday morning! Hope everyone has a nice weekend ahead. I'm still melting GC Toasty Hot Toddy this morning. Debra, so sorry to hear of all the mishaps. Being w/o the internet is a BUMMER! Mpfand, I hear you about Walmart. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I've been buying Mainstays, but I need to explore the BH&G soon too. I'm glad you like my emojis! I get carried away with them sometimes. Maggie, you ain't kidding about enabling! Oh boy, I'm in trouble! Candlelove, can't wait to hear what you think of A Star is Born. Enjoy! AmyJo, glad to spread the enabling around with the TJs! Honeycrisp Apple sounds great - must get...must get...My emojis? I just find them around online. I have a problem with them... Hi Cookielady! Another SH afficianado...I really must put an order together! Have a great Saturday!
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