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  1. hi everyone. my name is sandy, I am from the usa and I am new here to this site. I found this site when searching on google. How is everyone? its a busy time of year and many holidays soon So recently I found many nice sites that sell rings in candles and I'm ordering from those sites. does anyone else like the ring in candle companies. Sofar I got some amazing rings that look expensive, I get many compliments on the rings they are sparkley and look more expensive then they are you can appraise them. I also heard certain aromas can help with anxiety and stress, like aromatherapy so I'm looking to buy scented items I signed up recently as a consultant at a great company that sells many scented candles of every scent . they get new scents each season and new items every few weeks The company is called jewelscent and they have added another site called gemstra that sells the jewelscent scented candles and the aroma beads and wax tarts and other items also such as makeup jewelry purses accessories coffee here is the link if you want to buy any scented candles or wax tarts from my consultant link.They have the best scents out of the scented candles I tried sofar www.jewelscent.com/sandyn and www.gemstra.com/sandyn the scents are amazing the rings are amazing They have fall scents such as pumpkin, pumpkin spice latte,apple scent, pumpkin bread scent, pumpkin pie, cinnamon roll scents. The wax tarts and candles that say jewelry candle or jewelry wax tart have a hidden surprise ring you can pick the size, the wax tarts and scented candles that say essential wax tarts or candles don't have any ring send me a message if you have any questions, it is one of the best companies and they are adding new item categories and working on the gemstra site it is still in development but you can order from the jewelscent and gemstra Also if any of you are looking for a work from home consultant job you can sign up at the site as a consultant for a $19 dollar fee and the first 3 months after that are a free trial.If you sign up as a consultant sign up under my link so that I can get the points as the one who referred. Last year the top earners won a trip to punta cana a free trip, you can earn incentives and theres discounts for consultants.It is the best company also the consultant get a pre sale each time a new item is added the consultants get to order the items a few days before it is added I just signed up recently so I'm new as a consultant, but I like the scents I was a customer and my family kept complimenting the rings and the scents of the wax tarts and candles so I decided to sign up also at the gemstra site the cosmetics they sell including the candles and wax tarts are non toxic paraben free and cruelty free and made in the usa In California
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