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  1. Hey All! Just wanted to share my summer scent of the week :-) I'm burning green apple and purple cow!! From Everything Dawn Bakery Candles :-) They smell amazing! Christine
  2. I thought I would revive this list and start a post! Love movies and shows and would love to know what everyone is excited to watch and see either movies or shows! I have yet to see the new Jurassic Park Movie but I heard it was pretty good, I think the last movie I actually watched in a theater was Interstellar which I highly recommend everyone watch btw. Anyone here an avid Game of Thrones Watcher?? Christine
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm burning Birthday Cake and Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut from Everything Dawn Bakery Candles! They smell amazing and the smell lasts for hours. I usually like to burn them at night when I'm back from work or just to have the room from smelling musty from humidity. I highly recommend!
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