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  1. Send, I love the picture! Very beautiful. LOL about Charlotte's Evil Stepsister, Fleur. This morning: Clean Cotton (Delightful Thingz), Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper (Mama's Soy Tart), Lemon Poundcake (Bella's). I need to find a candle to burn - not sure which one yet. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
  2. It turned out to be a very pretty scent, Mom. The plum gives it a soft, fruity scent and there is a hint of spice. I don't think it would be a huge scent thrower - I had it in the guest bedroom with the door closed, and it did fine in there. Ending the evening with Bella's Coconut Spumoni. Good evening (morning) all!
  3. Just put in Beautiful Dreamer from CYS. Not so sure about this one, but it just started melting. Ginger Plum from Cottage Hill, just started. Finishing up the last of Magarita-ville from McCarley's...I love this one!
  4. OK, here's who I have so far. If I left you out, or you have changed your mind, please email me. I'll choose the order this weekend. Oh, and if you do not want to be first in line, please send me an email and let me know. I'll choose the person to kick it off only from those who can/don't mind going first. Cat01 Cyngreen2 Debra99 Deezee123 Jerseymomof4 Karlasmith Monalissa Mommyluvsnoah
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