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The software upgrade has been completed. We've lost some of our personalizations, but otherwise the forum seems to be functioning properly. If there are any problems, please contact us to let us know. (admin at candlefind dot com). 

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  1. Whew...where does the time go? I'm requesting suggestions for September's SOTD thread title. This will be open through Saturday evening and then I will put up a quick poll for voting. Thanks!
  2. Thanks to MaggieMae for this month's thread title. What are you melting/burning today?
  3. Whoops - time for a quick poll! Thanks for the suggestions. Which title do you prefer?
  4. It's that time again! Do you have any suggestions for our August Scent Of The Day thread title? Please post them here. We'll take suggestions through Sunday, the 26th, and then we'll create a poll for voting. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for your interest in the Candlefind forum. At this time, our forum is closed to new membership registrations. We may reopen membership registration in December 2020. In the meantime, please visit our main website or visit our Facebook page to keep posted on up-to-date Candlefind news.
  6. Hi, guys! We are moving forward with the above process and things are going as planned, with a few exceptions. I wanted to update you on the overall status: The membership purge is being done concurrently with other downsizing efforts. Each member deletion is being done one at a time and is a much slower process than anticipated. Effective today, new membership to the forum is closed. Once the forum has been downsized and if former (or brand new) members want to join, we will look at opening back up registration. Threads and forums are still being deleted, but we are not following the schedule outlined above. All deleted threads have to be redirected somewhere (to keep the Google powers that be happy), and some redirections are more complicated than others. We'll need to create landing pages for some of the deleted threads so that there is not a mass of internet confusion if anyone in the future happens to come across an old, deleted link. As we continue to work out where everything needs to re-route, we'll continue with thread and forum deletion. We'll be doing this more in a random order than the list outlined above, so be sure to capture/save whatever information you might want sooner rather than later. I can't promise when a certain section might be up for deletion. Due to the above taking longer than anticipated, the forum software update and custom theme installation will need to be pushed back. The new projected date for completion of everything is November 2020. In the meantime, please continue to use the forum as you have been doing. We will not limit or change any of the functionality of those areas of the forum that are actively being used. If you do have any problems, please respond below to let me know. Thanks!
  7. Thanks to candlelove for this month's thread title. What have you been melting/burning today?
  8. Thanks to candlelove for this month's thread title! What are you melting/burning today?
  9. Welcome! Glad to have you here.
  10. Thanks to candlelove for this month's thread title. What are you melting/burning today?
  11. Good morning, all! AmyJo, I did find it! How nice it was to get to see your beautiful face! I think you did a fantastic job. "Closet of shame." I love how well you have your wax organized. Mine is a mess...that's true shame, lol. Thanks for doing that and I can't wait to see the candle collection. Scarlet Sunflower was a pleasant surprise. It was more citrus/fruity than floral. The mix was just beautiful and it had a really good throw. Today I'm melting through some Pink Barn House I still had. It's smelling pretty fresh in my hotel room. Hope everyone has a great day!
  12. Michele, I am late but wanted to give you my condolences about your father. I hope you and your family are doing well. MaggieMae, happy belated birthday! AmyJo, where is the YT video? I must have missed it! I've got a few PartyLite wax melts & right now I'm melting Scarlet Sunflower. Very nice, not too floral. Hope everyone is staying safe & healthy!
  13. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to vote and/or weigh in on what they would like to see regarding the Candlefind forum. I have had time to consider all the feedback and have discussions with the team about how to move forward with this forum. We have decided to do the following: Downsize the forum: The forum is massive and consumes a lot of resources. In its heyday, there were several sections that were regularly visited and active. Although we currently have a number of guests that view several parts of the forum, there are many sections that do not have active uses. We will be eliminating these sections to help free up some space. We will be eliminating: Banner Announcements Candlefind Giveaways (If you want to stay updated on the Candlefind Giveaways, please visit the site or Facebook, where we do post that information. We will also be creating a Winners Page on the main website for your reference.) Welcome, Guests Daily Package Report The Melting Pot Let's Talk Candles Other Home Fragrance Home Fragrance Sales & Coupons Picture Perfect Wax Tips & Tricks Fragrance Inquiries Rants & Raves All under Reference Point All under Off Topic Winner's Circle Forum Contests Enter To Win Testing Testing The Vendor's Corner will be closed. All Legacy Topics will be removed. Scent Of The Day threads that are more than 1 year old. The forum software will be upgraded and a new theme will be installed. As I have not been happy with most of the available themes on the market, this will most likely be a custom built theme. Member Purge: We have almost 2500 members! All members that have not logged in at least once during the past year will be deleted from the system. In order to keep our databases more manageable, this will be done on a quarterly basis from here on out. Clubs will be deleted as they are not being utilized. By completing the above, we will be able to leave the main areas of use intact so that those who do use the forum can continue to do so in the spaces that are used the most. A few important things to note about the above plans: We anticipate rolling out this plan starting May 1st. This will take time to accomplish, but here is the order in which things will occur: Member Purge Club Deletion Forum Downsize. I will begin with the top of the list above and work my way down. Software update & custom theme installation All data that is being removed from the forum is going to be saved in a DropBox file. In the future, should there be a need to restore any of the information, we will be able to do so, but it will be the information only. We will not be able to restore information about the original poster and respondees. The above does NOT apply to member information. All membership data, including email addresses, will be digitally shred for the members that are being purged. Any member who has been deleted is free to register a new account. This includes vendors. If there is information you believe may be useful to you in the future, please copy and save it now. The process will be slow, but once we begin work on this, we will be eliminating subforums and topics without further announcement. The best way to keep track of what is up next for elimination is to follow the list above. We hope to have all phases completed by the end of August 2020. Once we do start this process, we will be doing ongoing maintenance to keep the database sizes manageable. This will include Quarterly deletion of any member who has not logged in during the past 365 days. Deletion of old Scent Of The Day Threads (ones that are more than one year old). For example, if an August 2020 thread is posted, the August 2019 thread will be removed. Whew! I hope the explanation and outline of the plans above are helpful for those of you who want to keep the forum alive, as well as for any guests and new registrants we may have. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks!
  14. Amyjo, Thanks for your input - it's much appreciated. I can tell you guys have a special relationship & I certainly don't want to disrupt that. I like your suggestion of a smaller forum. I think forums were a lot more popular (and useful) before Facebook groups became a thing. I, too, like looking back at the older information, but I think it might just be time to pare that down. I will certainly look at that over the next few weeks. I completely understand about the disruption with the pandemic. These are scary and uncertain times for sure. I am not looking at making any decisions immediately - I am thinking forward and making plans for a few months down the road. Thanks again for your input. Stay safe!
  15. Hi, Candlefinders! I am creating this poll as I want to get your feedback and opinions on the fate of the Candlefind forum. We have a large number of members (almost 2500), but only a small portion that actively post on the forum. I do realize there are several visitors that we have that do not choose to actually post on the forum, so I am taking that into consideration as well. However, the time has come to make some important decisions. The forum has required upgraded software and that was accomplished last Fall. The licensing for this software was just renewed, so we are set for another year. As far as the look, feel, and functionality of the forum, the current theme is already out of date and does require an update. I can choose to update this theme or switch to a new theme. However, if the Candlefind forum is to continue to be an extension of the Candlefind website, it needs to be brought under the new branding (logo, colors, etc.). This, of course, means customization. There is also the reality that this forum consumes a lot of resources, contributing to my need to secure a virtual private server as opposed to shared hosting. Hence my current dilemma. Should I begin the process of theme upgrade and customization? How valuable is this forum for you as is? I realize that for those of you who do continue to post, the dialogue back/forth is more than just about what is scenting your homes. You obviously care about each other and have formed bonds. I do not want to be the wrecking ball that swung right through the party. However, I do need to make sure I'm making the best decisions for the resources that we have. Please do me a favor and vote in the poll. Feel free to comment below if you believe there are other factors that need to be considered.
  16. Hello, all! I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy. I do not post here often, but I do enjoy reading what you guys have been melting/burning and other aspects of your lives. I'm about to put up a poll to get your thoughts on the use of this forum. It's time to make some decisions, and I do want to have your input into the matter since you guys are the ones mainly using the forum at this time. Please be sure to pop in to share your opinion on the poll. Thanks!
  17. Just melted that (as a votive) and it was fantastic!
  18. Thanks to MaggieMae for this month's thread title! Hope every one is staying safe and healthy. What are you melting/burning today?
  19. Thanks to candlelove for this month's thread title! What are you melting/burning today?
  20. Thanks to MaggieMae for this month's thread title! What are you melting/burning today?
  21. Happy New Year! Thanks to MaggieMae for our thread title this month. What are you melting/burning today?
  22. Thanks to cookielady for this month's scent of the day thread title! What are you melting/burning today?
  23. The forum company directories (Candle Companies A-Z and Bath & Body Companies A-Z) are in the process of being removed. Many of the links are no longer working, which is not good for the site's search engine rankings. I am currently gathering the active links and slowly moving active companies over to the Candle Company Directory on the Candlefind website. Each active company will have their own directory listing. If you still reference any of the information there, be sure to grab what you want in the next few weeks. I am deleting threads as I finish checking & gathering the links, so it will take me a while to complete. I just wanted to give everyone plenty of notice before that section went away. I anticipate the Reference Point section being eliminated by the end of the year. Thanks!
  24. It's time for another major upgrade! Critical fixes for the forum software are available, so this forum upgrade will be required. I plan on backing up the forum then installing the upgrade this Saturday, November 30th. Once upgraded, there may be some further tweaks required to get our forum to look the same as it is now, so please be patient with that process. Hopefully this upgrade will go much smoother than the last!
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