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The software upgrade has been completed. We've lost some of our personalizations, but otherwise the forum seems to be functioning properly. If there are any problems, please contact us to let us know. (admin at candlefind dot com). 

Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. On 12/28/2020 at 11:57 AM, MaggieMae said:

    January's Happy New Scents

    2021: Champagne Toasts & Waxie Posts

    Smells Like New Years Eve

    Sorry, MaggieMae! I didn't see this until now & I've been busy with a couple of other projects. Thank you for your suggestions. Since we don't have time for a poll this go'round, I'm going to choose one & roll with it. 

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hello, Candle Lover - Welcome to the all new Candlefind Forum! 

    Candlefind has undergone some fairly significant changes over the past year, and that includes our forum, as well. We are in the process of streamlining and updating the forum, which is why you may not see the original information you are looking for. 

    Please reference this thread as your guide to navigate around the new forum and find the information you need. We will be updating this thread as we continue with the updates, so be sure to check back here often! 

    We're so glad you're here! 




  3. Hi, guys! 

    We are changing up how we are taking SOTD thread title suggestions from now on. We have been posting threads for suggestions and then deleting them once the new monthly thread goes up. As it turns out, this is throwing Google into a tailspin looking for all that deleted content. This is one of the things that has impacted Candlefind's rankings, so we will stop that practice as of this month. 

    Going forward, this one thread will be the one to post SOTD monthly thread suggestions. I will post a reminder in our current SOTD thread to hop over here & throw a suggestion into the hat. You can post your suggestion any time of the month, as this thread will always remain open. Once we have several months in this thread, it will serve as a good reference to look back & see what has been suggested before. 

    I will still post a poll to vote on current suggestions. The poll will be drafted on the 25th of every month for consistency. We are looking at how to handle those old polls instead of simply deleting them, as that also causes an issue. However, that should not impact the group. 

    Any questions, just ask!


  4. On 9/8/2020 at 12:27 PM, AmyJo said:

    Hi Cyn!  

    Thank you for this update.  It sounds like a ton of work and I know we all appreciate it.  The forum is so huge and although I have greatly enjoyed going back and reading posts from days gone by, it's true that most of us who still come here mostly use SOTD or Games.  What you're doing makes total sense to me, and I hope the others agree as I am a relative newbie (coming up on only three years in January).

    Thanks again for the huge task you're doing, and I hope you are doing well during this very strange year of 2020! ❤️🥰

    Best wishes, Amy

    Hi, Amy! I am so sorry I'm just now seeing this. 😔 Thank you SO much for the kind words. Yes, a lot of work but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂 

    I hope you're doing well & staying safe. I'm tired of the 'new normal' and just want 'my normal' back. 

    Have a good one! 

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