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  1. Anyone know of a company that does tarts smilar to Yankee's Witches Brew? I think it is my favorite candle scent of all times. I think I am going near a Yankee store this weekend, and hope they have some left, but otherwise, thought someone might know. There is a company on etsy called Woodcrafts and Candles that has one called Witch's Brew so I wrote her to ask if it smells like Yankee and she said she'd never smelled Yankee's so she doesn't know. Anyone ordered from them?
  2. jengie


    I am a Santiago Huckleberry and Baltic Amber girl. Love both of those!
  3. Hi- I'm Jenn from North Carolina. I used to be really into wax several years ago and then got more into candles because I worked at a place that sold great ones, but now am mainly back into wax melts to try to avoid smoke and soot. So my addiction begins again. Most of the online stores I used to frequent have closed in the meantime, so came looking for other suggestions. Looking forward to hearing other reviews and meeting you guys.
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