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  1. So sorry, as was just informed that I posted in wrong area. Although, I do have so bar soap on sale if any are interested in trying. You are all invited to join us for our pre-summer sale. Includes, Margarita's, slushies, ice cream sundaes, Sachet Bears, Rocky Mountain High tarts (two scents of your choice), and bar soap with your choice of color/scent/base. Hope to see you there and also hoping you might become a fan on our FB page. Just click on link>once there>click on like page. Thanks to all whom will join us. Have a wonderful day and God Bless! Here is the link to sale location. http://hstrial-cmaxim1.homestead.com/FACEBOOK.html?_=1381330145154 Please do not hesitate to email or call if you have questions or concerns as never a problem.
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