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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Thank you for the welcome, cbgirl! - Janet
  2. I think I'm going to make my first order ever from Front Porch inspired by this post! Be careful - you're stepping into dangerous territory! - Janet
  3. Welcome Janet. Yep, I've got a Front Porch order pending right now. Who can resist? Thanks, Jules. I received a package from Front Porch in the mail the day before yesterday, and expect another package today. I was doing OK for awhile - like a few months - then they had a sale - it's a blessing and a curse (lol) - Janet
  4. Thank you, twinsmom! Janet
  5. Thank you, honeybear - I hope you have a great birthday and have great scents wafting around you from the FP tarts! Janet
  6. Thanks again for more welcomes! You're such a nice group! Janet
  7. Thank you for the welcomes! Janet
  8. Hello - I recently joined this forum, and I have to admit that it is reassuring to see so many wax addicts! I started out with candles and accumulated way, way too many, and now have discovered melts - so it's all over. I can't stay away from this forum, and my particular weakness is Front Porch Candle Co., because they have such strong melts and the shipping is free - I am at the point where I delete their e-mail as soon as I get it, because I will not be able to resist buying some more melts! I know you all understand - Janet
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