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  1. Well Hello to everyone!! I know it's been a while since I have visited or posted to this forum. To be honest I spend most of my time on The scoope the sister blog to Candlefind! Today I am melting Scentsy "Apple Press" Smells totally 100% like fall in here. Have a great day!
  2. Hi everyone! This morning I'm melting Front Porch " Pumpkin Marshmallow" Yummy!! Although it still reaches into the 80's here in Oregon it is cool enough in the mornings to feel like Fall. Have a fabulous day!
  3. Happy Wednesday or "Hump" day everyone! I started the morning melting YC "Autumn Wreath" I love this tart! It is very soft and has that touch of Fall I am craving! It's been so hot here in Oregon since July I've only been really into melting clean and floral scents. So, this afternoon I'm melting Glade "Clean Linen" I like the crisp clean laundry like smell.
  4. Good Morning to all!! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I am melting "Peony Petals" From Scentsy this morning. It is a super nice Floral scent. Not too light and not too strong. Plus the wax is PINK!! I hope all of you have a wonderful day!
  6. HAPPY FRIDAY I'm melting Scentsy Blueberry Cheese cake and Better Homes and Gardens Vanilla Cookie Crunch. The smells are making me hungry!! I'm really missing the daily posts by Andrea on Candlescoop.com here is the link if you guys are interested: http://www.candlescoop.com/ She is on Spring Break this week and will be back next week. I really enjoy everything she is burning or melting and she breaks it all down to what it is how it smells what it looks like etc!! If your like me, and ever wonder what vendors have and what their wax smells like you can bet you'll find it here! Hope everyone has a great day!!
  7. Welcome to Portland!! We live about 15 min from down town. The donut shops are quite popular here and just as popular as Blue Star Donuts is Voodoo Donuts! They have two shops and sell out ssssooo fast. There is always a long line around the building!! Today I'm melting "Sugar" by Scentsy and "Vanilla Cookie Crunch" by Better Homes and Gardens. I must be on a bakery kick, talking about all these yummy donuts!! If your in Portland enjoy the Rain today!!
  8. Starting the early morning off melting in two warmers from the "Spotted Hog" Fruttie Loops. Hits the spot for a bakery like scent. Enjoy your day!!
  9. yay! I have tried before to come up with titles for the monthly thread and mine was picked!! Thanks everyone!! Today I'm melting YC Coastal Breeze Tara's Bear Claws. Have a great day everyone!!
  10. Good Monday morning to everyone! Hope all of you had fun watching the Super Bowl. This morning I'm melting YC White Sands. Nice scent but really soft scent throw. Wishing it was stronger. Had to mix it up a bit and melt a Scentsationals Fresh Air melt. Smells like Spring flowers. Have a terrific day!
  11. Lovely morning here in Oregon! woke up a bit early but that's more time for me to enjoy my melts!! I'm melting Vanilla Coconut from YC and it's sweet and mellow. Perfect for an early morning!! You should all check out the Scoop! It's Candelfind's blog and let me tell you, Andrea does an amazing job on her reviews!! It's like melting a new melt or lighting a new candle every day. She gives you the Scoop alright. Here is the link, http://www.candlescoop.com/ Have a great weekend everyone
  12. Sweet&spiceygirl sorry I am just now reading this post 1-13-14 I have never been to Blue Star Donuts. Sorry!! I'm a type 1 diabetic and don't eat sugar so tend to stay away from super yummy places. I hear that Blue star donuts and Vodoo Donuts another place featured on both the Cooking Channel and Food Network are pretty awesome!
  13. Happy Friday!! Good for you girls that school is out!! Time to unwind and do all the last minuet Christmas things. I almost didn't need to melt anything today. We've been baking Ginger Crinkle Cookies all morning. It's my husband's secret family recipe. They smelled amazing! Started the day melting in the kitchen "Snow Cake" from Closet Full of Wax. I just couldn't smell anything but play dough? My husband liked it but I didn't. Now melting "Vanilla Bean Noel" again Closet Full of Wax. This one is a winner!! YC "Marshmallow Fireside" in the living room. In one bedroom "Christmas Bliss" Thanks to my swap buddy. And in the hall bathroom "Eskimo Kiss" from Scentsy. I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.
  14. Happy Friday!! So excited because we are having some snow flurries! Cold and snow just make is feel more like Christmastime!! I'm melting Front Porch "Bayberry" and Candy Cane Clause from my swap buddy!! Have a wonderful day
  15. I've been melting FT Winter Candy Apple. I cut one of these tarts in half and use each piece in a warmer. It's been going strong for hours!!
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