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  1. Has anyone ordered from this vendor and what do you like and love? Thanks! http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/ArielsSecretGarden
  2. I do- although I haven't in years. The person below me eats the same thing for breakfast every morning.
  3. Good Morning I need to go get my coffee going. I just got my second small CFTKR order yesterday and I have Pink Flamingo going and BH&G Wildberry Cheesecake going this morning. It's pretty fruity in here, but I love it. It sure beats the sinus relief I've had to have going for the last week or so. I hope everyone has a great day!
  4. It has been a long time but I grew up skating every chance I got! The person below me loves having their nails painted.
  5. Sadly, No. The person below me has a NY's resolution and plans on sticking to it.
  6. Love the thread title! When I get home I think I'm going to melt cherry marshmallow ZB- from BL. It has a great cold sniff! I'm working today- Boo! Does anyone have fun plans for the day?
  7. Hi everyone! Baking cookies over here and melting BL Frosted Sugar Cookie. Smelling pretty awesome in here. I hope everyone has a very SAFE and HAPPY Holiday! Getting ready over here has been a bit crazy. Lots to get done and never enough time. Goodnight!
  8. I use one at work daily- I'm a bookkeeper. The person below me is need of more coffee this morning.
  9. Just gloves for me- The person below me is running out of ideas for their Elf on the Shelf.
  10. Great pic honey! I'm so ready to get some snow... I really hope by Christmas we have a little on the ground. I have melting Yankee Harvest, BH&G Carmel Pecan, burning Yankee Apple Pumpkin and GC Warm Apple Crisp. It's smelling awesome in here. I need to find the motivation to start wrapping... **Sigh!**
  11. I like honey just about any time- but yes, I will add it to tea when I have sore throat. The person below me has a pet they miss every day.
  12. So... today I'm in denial that we're officially in the "it's so cold out, we're not going to see 70 again for several months" mood- So I'm melting accordingly. Haha!!! I'm melting BH&G- Sugar Melon Kiwi and I really like this one! Hubby picked this one! I'll come back to reality tomorrow- hopefully!
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