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  1. - Pink Grapefruit Noel (Luna Bleu) - very good - Hibiscus Temptations (Candle Dippers) - pretty nice...good throw - Bittersweet (Scentsible Scents) - always nice - Winter Woodland (TBG) - pretty good and good throw
  2. Good ones today! - Pink Passion (YOCC) - good throw even with one tart...a "fresh" pink sugar scent...I love it! - Mallow Zuccinin (Sniff My Tarts) - these are the best of my SMT stash - really good (need 2 tarts) - Cranberry Balsam (TBG) - very good!!
  3. Yesterday: - LOL Scorpio - very good, strong, and lasted two days! - Sniff My Tarts North Woods Christmas - almost zero throw - YOCC Urban Cowgirl - good...need two tarts for my YOCC melts for a good throw Today...just starting out :)
  4. Yesterday: - LOL Goldilocks - pretty nice scent, medium throw - BH&G - Ginger Spice Cake - always strong & good! - YOCC Cornbread - pretty good...has a bit of caramel in it, to me - ScentSationals Mountain Twilight - wow, this is one of the nicest pine scents I have ever tried! Will have to get lots more. - TBG Butt Naked - :)
  5. Recently that I remember: - LSC Triple Berry Bread, Berries & Cream Bread, Lavender Confection - all :) :) - Scentsy Hemingway, Camu Camu, and Mandarin Moon - just great in small room in my 15-watt plug in (2 cubes). I did not like Ace. - LOL Patchouli Forest was very good; I really didn't like Banana Marshmallow Creme Cookies, Blackberry Mallow Latte, Candied Apple Cupcakes, Pink Sugar Mon Cherie, The Three Musketeers. This is only part of my first LOL stash so I still have a lot to try! - TBG Frosted Pinecone, Cranberry Balsam, Cheshire Cat, Cranberry Fig, Tulip - all :):) - Yankee Candle Holiday Bayberry - 2 large jar candles...have been burning these every other day for the last few weeks. They have almost zero throw for me. :(. Look nice, though. - Kim's Brassy Classy Blonde - very long lasting (1 1/2 tarts) and good...a little sharper than I like, though. - BH&G Ginger Spice Cake, Sparkling Berry Garland, Salted Lime Margarita - all :):) Happy New Year!
  6. Had some good ones yesterday: - Wehi Lani (Candle Dippers) - very fresh & fruity! Cold smell was not compelling but the melted scent was awesome. - Tulip (TBG) - so nice and good throw in my 15watt plug-in. - Fluffy Key Lime Sugar Cookies (YOCC) - I've had my YOCC tarts for 4 months now...the throw on this one is better than a while ago. This is a really good scent and the throw is good for me now - yay! - Beautiful Zen (TBG...Lush Karma type) - so strong! I like this scent every once in a while. It's kind of overpowering. Before that I had some big duds...the most disappointing one was Patchouli tea lights from Pier One. The throw was really strong for tea lights but I hated the scent :(. I bought a bunch of candles and teal lights because the cold smell was sooo good; the burn was awful for me. Actually, DD liked it and she is picky! I will be giving the candles to her.
  7. I've had a run of duds over the last few days... except I melted Bittersweet (Scentsible Scents) last night and it was good, as usual :). I also liked Sugar & Spice (Luna Bleu) and Caribbean Salsa (LSC), but they were just not strong enough for me. My duds: - Good throw but not crazy about the scent: Summer Days (Tuscadero's - too much jasmine in the mix), Home Sweet Home (Sniff My Tarts), and Carnival Cakes (LSC) - Great scents but not long-lasting: Chocolate Mint Latte (LSC), Coffin Cake (Luna Bleu) - No throw: Let Them Eat Cake (LSC)...very unusual for LSC so maybe I didn't give it enough time Got some new ones going today so I have my fingers crossed! (actually, one is over six years old...so, not really new :)). ETA: I love the thread title :)
  8. My melts today are very nice but not very strong - on the medium-side: - YOCC Urban Cowgirl - Cheryl's Iced Lemon Cookies
  9. Today was Tres Leches Bread (LSC) - just great!
  10. I've had this going all day - I really like it and DS does, too :)
  11. I remelted a Hansel & Gretel tart (Dream Tarts) - this had no throw the first time but I turned it on again today and it is throwing very well. Nice scent. I had two cubes left of Pink Fresh & Clean VS Type (Tuscadero's)...a few months ago, there was no throw but now that I've let them cure for four months, the throw is much better. I really like this scent. Also just starting Banana Rum Zucchini Bread (YOCC) - I smell the bananas more than the first time I melted it...nice!
  12. Thanks, MaggieMae! I am going to violate my lockdown and place an order ...also am having a hard time resisting Hickory Ridge Prims and Scentsy right now!
  13. You posted that you liked this on cold sniff...how was it melting? For me today: all good ones! :) : - Grammy's Zucchini Bread (LSC) - Orange Buttercream Cupcake (BH&G) - Calabrian Bergamot & Violet (TBG)
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