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  1. Just popping in to say that last night I melted my own blend of SMT Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake Vanilla Butter Fudge from the sale, and it smelled amazing :)
  2. I haven't really been posting here but it doesn't mean I haven't been melting! Today: -Granny's Kountry Candles in Spearmint and Eucalyptus -Lasting Scent Candles in Blackberry Plum Tea (THIS IS SO GOOD <3)
  3. Happy March! Today I've been melting: -Front Porch Prairie Kitchen -Candles from the Keeping Room Blackberry Butter Jam Flapjacks -SMT Blackberry Butter Jam Cookie
  4. FP Strawberry Marshmallow Bread (one of my favourites) CFTKR Serendipity Noel (first time melting this or any other Serendipity scent but it is REALLY good)
  5. LKC Chubba Dubba- I really like this scent from almost any vendor! FP Mulberry Bread- not getting any of the mulberry, just the AFB...
  6. I really wanted it to smell like iced tea today... OLC Twisted Tea Front Porch Iced Tea with Lemon (this one is more floral but still good) :)
  7. BHG Frosty Peppermint Snow in the bedroom (having a case of the stuffies) OLC Buttered Apple Zucchini <3 FP Fruity Lime Marshmallow Bread
  8. Starting off with FP Raspberry Filled Bread , and I really like it!
  9. I prefer Serendipity that is heavier on the coconut, which means I prefer blends like Serendipity Noel/Serendipity Sugar Cookie/Serendipity Marshmallow that up the creaminess and tone down the cherry note. I would just recommend you go for straight-up Serendipity scents, you can usually tell from the scent description. The ones that are heavier on the cherry usually end with "a hint of fresh coconut".
  10. On a day like this, really enjoying CFTKR Sugar Corn Pudding Flapjacks. Such a cozy comforting scent :)
  11. Hi y'all! Just melting Front Porch's Tea Time...has anyone else tried this? It smells good but kind of has a floral note to it for some reason?
  12. It's more of a fruity day today! PPS Nana's Lime Fruity Loops BHG Wild Island Fruit
  13. After going crazy with orders before shipping price increases (as I live in Canada), I have to go on a wax ban for an undetermined period of time. I still need to pay shipping invoices for my SMT sale orders that haven't been shipped yet, but otherwise, I can't keep buying wax! I've bought maybe...$400 in the past month? I still have maybe 6 packages coming in the mail though, so I can still look forward to those ;) Posting this here so y'all can keep me accountable :)
  14. Butterfly Scents in Marshmallow Butter Cookie CFTKR Peach Pie Filling
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