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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. I am currently melting OPT Wicked Wildberry Cheesecake Earlier melts were Crosscreek Pink Sugared Spruce and Brookside Caramel Creme Brulee :)
  2. Today's melts have been UTC Caramel Marshmallow Bread, Caramelized Pralines and now some Scentsationals Vanilla Bean Hope everyone has a good night!
  3. Melting some OPT Frosted Marshmallows while we try and decorate the tree. Maggie - Hope you feel better very soon!!
  4. Thank you, Aria! :) It is a snow day here today. 2-4 inches forecasted which isn't tons but it is coming all during the middle of the day, so they closed. DH decided to work from home today...woo hoo! Our tree has lights but we have yet to decorate, so we will spend today together and get that done I am melting Nene's Cinnamon Glazed Fritters this morning
  5. Thanks, Rivercat!! lol I have been melting Super Tarts Pumpkin Pecan Brown Sugar Waffles this morning
  6. Thank you Sweet, cmarie, Maggie & biolaeagles! Today's melts have been OPT Birthday Cake and Crosscreek Buttercream Frosting
  7. Hello! I am starting off today with Crosscreek Cinnamon Zucchini Rolls I am thinking we are going to go and pick out our Christmas tree today. We usually go to a tree farm and get one you can cut down yourself. Depending on the wind out there, we will see if we do that or just get one there that is cut already hehehe. Sometimes it can take a while walking around looking for that "perfect" tree
  8. I changed up the scent a little while ago to CFTKR Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar Pie
  9. Happy Friday! I have been melting Makes Scents Caramel Apple this morning :) I will change it up in a little while, I like to swap scents after a bit
  10. Good morning! Starting off the day with BHG Brownie Pecan Pie...wish I had some to eat for real lol. LOL @ debra! Not a scent description you hear every day Now changing up to Crosscreek Orange Chestnut Bake
  11. Maggie- It smelled like a soft peppermint with some candy sweetness thrown in to me. I find peppermint in scents to be soothing to me when they are mixed with something else to mellow it I am melting UTC Confetti Cake this evening....yum!!
  12. Good morning! Things here have been good....my 2 year old keeps me on my toes most days I can hardly believe it is December and I still need to buy gifts Starting off today with OPT Santa's Lullaby
  13. Christmas Time Holiday Sparkle or Holiday Treats? (CFTKR)
  14. OPT Coffee Cake & Spice is melting over here. All the melts sound yummy today!! It's been a long time. So nice to see everyone
  15. Happy Hump Day! I am melting CFTKR Ultimate Sugar Cookie this morning
  16. I am currently melting SMT Circus Concession/Toasted Marshmallow :) I also melted Pumpkin & Vanilla from a sweet CF pal last night The temps are starting to warm up a bit here and finally beginning to feel like spring!
  17. I am starting off the day with HHS Toasted Marshmallow
  18. Good morning! I am melting BSF Raspberry Zinger I like the new emoticons!!
  19. Happy Wednesday! :) I am melting OPT Strawberry Jam
  20. I am melting Sweet Potato Marshmallow Pie from CFTKR
  21. Good morning! Starting off the day with OPT Cafe Au Lait
  22. I am currently melting CFTKR Vanilla Wafer Fluff This morning I melted Harvest Berry from a generous CF pal
  23. I am starting off with SMT Lavender Mallow Birthday Cake. I don't melt lavender scents, so this is new territory for me. Not sure how much I like it yet :)
  24. I am melting FP Buttercream Iced Orange Danish
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