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  1. I like it together, it kind of mellows the gingerbread out a little bit. I am fine with the gingerbread by itself, but my hubby is less tolerant of certain scents lol. I figured it would tone down the spice.
  2. Thank you, Maggie & trep :) I am now melting a combo of BHG Frosted Gingerbread & Warm Vanilla Creme.
  3. Good morning! I just started melting CFTKR Absolutely Fabulous Cake & it is
  4. Yes, I am into tarts! Why I waited all these years to get into them, I am not sure. They take up less space, so I can have more to try out I am really enjoying tarts from Front Porch Candle Co., Candles From The Keeping Room and the BHG tarts at Walmart are pretty good too. I am always browsing other sites to plot orders. I have an order of tarts coming and then I am going to try to enjoy some of them before I buy some more lol. It's like an endless quest to want to keep trying all the scents! No wonder my husband gives me looks hehe.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to the site, but not new to candles I've always loved having yummy smells melting. I am mostly into bakery scents and some fruit scents as well. I am excited to see a place where other people can relate to never having enough candles! I like reading about what everyone else is burning and enjoying. Trying to tell my husband about tarts or candles usually results in this sort of reaction So....looking forward to being able to interact with people who get it lol.
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