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  1. Good morning! lonegirl - Welcome back! :) Some vendors in random order that I enjoy are.. K's Kreations, Can Do Candles, Olde Primitive Treasures, Ten Digit Creations, Haley's Heavenly Scents, Crosscreek Country Candles. Maggie - I had to laugh at the bag over the head. I know I'd be feeling the same way! They were probably loving it all though! NMhoneybear - I hope you are enjoying some nice quality time with your hubby I am melting Butter Brickle from TDC
  2. Hello! biolaeagles - I hope you enjoy the movie! I haven't braved bringing my DS to a movie in a theater yet, he's spunky and I am uncertain he'd sit still! lol Maggie - I'm sorry about the broken toe :( I really dislike shopping for events and feeling like I am on a goose chase for the right thing to wear! I hope you have some luck! debra - My DH has always been the one complaining his clothes smell like "your candle things" Today I am melting Pizzelle from CFTKR
  3. TGIF! sweet - Even though I filed a dispute & escalated to a claim, LOL never responded even once Paypal refunded my money thankfully. I am now melting Blue Cotton Candy from OPT :)
  4. Hello! Yep, I was one that had problems with LOL last year. I ordered and never received wax or any communication and ended up filing a claim, unfortunately. It was a big bummer considering things were good in the past. I am melting Pumpkin Butt from Can Do :)
  5. Good morning! katz! What wonderful news!! I am melting Kona Kookies from K's
  6. sweet - To my nose, the waffle was more of the dominant scent but it wasn't a single note waffle scent...the eggnog was in there somewhere! cookielady - Yikes, sorry to hear about the nosebleed! I am melting Wildberry Parfait from what used to be Pics, Petals & Scents :)
  7. The Eggnog Waffle Sundae had good throw! The few scents I have tried from Food Network have all impressed me. Sunday Morning Pancakes is a great one they have if you ever see it! Now I have in TDC Cookie Monster
  8. Good morning! I am melting something that I picked up from Kohl's yesterday - Eggnog Waffle Sundae from Food Network I've had good throw from their melts and was happy to see a bunch of things marked down. I did control myself and only bought this though lol.
  9. I am melting Birthday Cake from Aunt Smellman Finally took the decorations off the tree yesterday. We have a real one and the town pickup is this upcoming week. Tree is starting to get a bit crispy, so it is time! Congratulations, biolaeagles!! I can only imagine how tired you must be! I have an active 3 year old little guy and he keeps me on my toes lol.
  10. I am melting Granmas Whipped Zucchini Bread from HHS. We got a rapid burst of snow earlier during the morning commute. I am relieved DH and DS1 made it to work & school without issue. I am a worrywart when it comes to driving in the snow Hope everyone has a good day!
  11. Good morning :) I am melting HHS Cinnamon Cookie Dough Cake right now. I thought it might be too spicy for my nose, but it is actually quite nice!
  12. I am melting Pink Coconut from Can Do :) We will be having a wind chill advisory here as well. I am wondering if DS#1 will have a delay tomorrow morning. I'm sure he'd be thrilled. Aria- Sorry to hear about your DH being sick. I hope you don't get it! I feel like this year is particularly bad. We were sick here for a good majority of November and December with back to back illnesses. Stay warm, everyone!
  13. Happy New Year! I know it has been a long time, but I am loving reading what everyone is melting! I've had a custom OPT Red Velvet Mallow Bread going all day...bakery bliss!
  14. Happy Friday! I am starting off with Crosscreek Gembertaarts. I am still deciding if I really love it or not
  15. I melted OPT Peppermint Patty earlier today and now have melting CFTKR Sugar Cookie & Flapjack We had family staying here for the past 2 days, so I didn't melt while we had company. It felt weird not to have anything smelling yummy but it sure was nice to spend time with family. Now, if I could get this leftover food out of the house before I gain any more weight lol
  16. I am melting K's Bayberry and OPT Vanilla Bean Noel I still have some cleaning and baking to do today. Sweet - My DH is definitely a keeper. He doesn't usually mind going to the store.... as long as he is alone. He said it takes longer when the rest of us are there too
  17. Hello all! I am melting Scent Illusion Buttercream Cupcakes Add me to the list of those who still have stuff to do lol. I did finally get my wrapping done last night. I hope you got your wrapping done, debra! I still need to bake goodies and get some housecleaning done today. DH needs to run out today so I have a nice little list of last minute food items for him to pick up
  18. I am currently melting UTC Confetti Cake Earlier today I melted OPT Sugared Vanilla Shortbread :) Christmas seems to have creeped up quickly this year. I still have gifts I need to wrap lol. sweet - I will be doing some Christmas cookies :D I don't want to make too many though because we will definitely eat them all I plan to make snickerdoodles and some oatmeal cookies. I might try out a red velvet cake mix cookie though I am not sure yet. DH has also requested pumpkin pie
  19. Happy Friday!! :) I am melting Scent Illusion Crispy Doughnut and OPT Vanilla Cake Pops
  20. Hello! Scent Illusion Coconut Cake has been going for a little while now Rivercat - Yikes!!
  21. Good morning! I am starting off the day with Crosscreek Marvelous Marble Cake. After just being hit with snow they are telling us to expect another 2-4 tomorrow trep - I am sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope you can still enjoy some smellies soon and your kitty feels better!! Maggie - How frustrating! Shopping at this time of the year is stressful enough as it is!
  22. Happy Saturday! I am currently melting OPT Sugar Cookies and earlier I was melting Crosscreek Maple Pancakes It has been snowing here off and on all day. I guess the bulk is supposed to come overnight. They are saying 6-12 when said and done. I figure it will probably be around 10 inches. cmarie - I had a package that should have been delivered yesterday but it came today instead. I am sure they are behind at this time of year! It's hard to wait for smelly goodies though!
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