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  1. Good morning! Maggie - I am so sorry to hear about Daisy :( Sending big hugs to you during this difficult time. biolaeagles - Hooray for weddings! I am melting Frosted White Cake from TDC
  2. biolaeagles - I hope the mouse steers clear of you and your hubby can help soon! We've had mice in the past and it freaked me out. Our cat kept us pretty alert to where it was though lol. NMhoneybear - How great that your DH is into melting! My DH would not shed a tear if I got rid of my wax/warmers I am melting Cotton Candy Frosting from TDC
  3. Happy Hump Day! :) I am melting HHS Cider Donut Pizzelle
  4. Hello! biolaeagles - I hope your week goes by quickly! My husband doesn't travel too often but I am always counting the days until he gets back home. I am melting TDC Buttercream Pie
  5. Maggie - Uh oh...Cherry NyQuil does not sound like a good smell Sweet - Cats definitely know how to wake their owners and they have no shame! lol The cat did a few "hellos" last night, but not as many as the night before ;) I am melting Double Oreo Fluff from K's
  6. Good morning! I am melting Birthday Cake and Sugared Vanilla Shortbread from OPT Feeling a bit tired this morning. Our cat decided she was going be loud last night. She has this particular meow that I am certain she is trying to say "hello" at us. It comes out, "herro? herro?" Even DH has heard it and it creeps him out lol. Anyhow, she was doing that at all hours last night, so not very good sleep biolaeagles - How funny and sweet of your DS!
  7. I am melting Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread from OPT. This scent always makes me hungry for warm gooey chocolate
  8. Hello all :) I hope everyone is keeping warm! I am melting HHS Granmas Toasted Blueberry Pumpkin Patch
  9. Hello! biolaeagles - Congrats on boy #3! I have 2 boys and I think 3 sounds great I am melting TDC Brown Sugar & Fig :)
  10. Happy Humpday! :) biolaeagles - I love the blend! I did a blend of Red Velvet Cake, Toasted Marshmallow & Zucchini Bread. I really enjoy my stuff from OPT. Woo hoo for finding out the gender today!! I am melting Paw's Pound Cake from K's
  11. debra - I am very sorry to hear about your furry friend :( I am melting a custom blend from OPT - Red Velvet Mallow Bread
  12. Happy Friday! Aria - I need groceries too but I think I may try going tomorrow when it might be a bit warmer. So cold out there!! I am melting HHS Granmas Cinnamon Bread Pudding
  13. Good morning! I am melting Pity Pat's Pound Cake from Can Do
  14. Hello! NMhoneybear - I melted that same scent a very long time ago and remember dumping it out. Forgive me here, but it smelled like dirty undergarments to my nose I am melting Olde Village Bakery from OPT
  15. Maggie - Cake Battered Bear Claws sounds yummy! I am melting K's Yabba Dabba Doo Cake
  16. biolaeagles - Great to hear the drop off went well! Hopefully things will only get easier from here :) Sweet - I get both the bakery notes and the latte note I am melting OPT Hot Cocoa right now. Hope everyone has a good day!
  17. Happy Hump Day! Well, the blizzard in my area dropped roughly 10-12 inches of snow in our town if I had to guess. It blew around everywhere so it was hard to tell. I am glad our area actually ended up with less. I always worry about power outages. DS1 had the day off yesterday and just a delay this morning and is back in school. I am melting Toasted Vanilla Latte Twinkies from HHS
  18. Hello! Maggie - I will pray for Daisy and I hope you get some helpful answers from the vet. I am melting Tres Leches Cake from OPT :) We are under a blizzard warning here tonight into tomorrow with a predicted 15-30 inches of snow I am really hoping the power doesn't go out.
  19. biolaeagles -Glad to hear you are all getting better! I hope you are back to normal soon :D I am melting Food Network Sunday Morning Pancakes
  20. Happy Thursday :) Rivercat - Way to go on your marathon!! I am melting HHS Granmas Buttercream Frosting
  21. Sweet - You can smell the coffee but the marshmallow definitely sweetens it up a lot, which I love! It had a very good throw for me :D biolaeagles - I can remember when my older son was gone to school for the first time. I looked into the empty backseat and cried lol I am melting Glazed Jelly Roll from CFTKR. Hope everyone has a nice night!
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