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  1. Hello all! I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. It is quite rainy here today but a bit cooler, so I will take it! I am melting Vanilla Sugared Shortbread from Nene's
  2. Hello all! Today is Very Vanilla Bean from Nene's :)
  3. Not too often but always have melts going! The person below me has a clawfoot tub in their home.
  4. I am melting Granny's Pie Crust from Nene's today. Yet another very warm day today. Why can't it just stay around 70-75? lol Quite the list, Maggie! I hope it cools down some soon for you, so you won't have to roast while getting all that done!
  5. Hello all! Today I am melting Nene's Vanilla Riche Day 2 here of over 90 degree temps, not my favorite lol. Have fun, mpfand! You aren't alone, I've never had one either! Always did my own nails.
  6. Can't say that I do! The person below me has a jar that they keep spare change/money in.
  7. Today I am melting Lemon Squares from Nene's. Enjoying this last coolish day before we head into a heatwave Glad your phone was able to be found, biolaeagles! I know how it goes with active little boys! Always keeping mama on her toes.
  8. Yes, we have a kitty! The person below me likes chips & salsa.
  9. Good morning I am melting Waffle Cone from Nene's. I just love her melts. The weekend went well. DS had a nice time at his prom. So strange to know he is this old already. We went to a bbq with our 2 younger sons the same night, and luckily they did well considering they were up much later than normal! Susan - Happy to hear things are better now, that would have freaked me out for sure. debra - How fun! I've been enjoying reading her scent list. I think I am going to order some scent shots soon to try her out! I've made a small list.
  10. Hello all! Today I am melting I Heart Cake from Nene's Hope all of you have a great Friday! biolaeagles - HHS has such a great toasted marshmallow! I think I only have 2 scallops left from her in Granma's Pound Cake...so yummy.
  11. Basil & Berries Sunshine Cookie Delight or Sweet Sixteen? (KK)
  12. Hello! Today I am melting Marshmallow Fluff from Nene's I know marshmallow scents are not always good throwers, but I am definitely enjoying this!
  13. Yes, I do! The person below me often falls asleep with the tv on.
  14. Southern Cheesecake Stuck on You or Sweet as Can Be? (CCCC)
  15. I love wraps...and sandwiches!! The person below me clips coupons.
  16. Today I am melting Hot Apple Pie from Nene's. Hubby said it smells like apple potpourri ...always some sort of comment from him if it is anything other than vanilla lol.
  17. Hello everyone! I am melting Nene's Fresh Sliced Cucumber today. I felt like it did smell similar to a cucumber and then DH walks in and asks what smells like a watermelon jolly rancher candy lol
  18. Today I am melting Banana Nut Muffins from OPT. I had to ask my son what they wear to the prom because I had no idea lol. I guess since this is junior prom, there is no tux but a jacket with tie and button down shirt, khakis etc. His date picked her dress so now he can buy his tie to match, she is wearing red. Hope everyone has a decent Monday!
  19. Hello all! I am melting Da Lime in De Coconut from HHS today. I took my oldest son shopping today for clothes for his junior prom next week Where does the time go?! Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  20. Happy Friday to all! I am melting Sweet Cream from OPT today I got my shipping email from Nene's, so I am guessing I will get it on Monday Thank you Maggie & debra for the input about Cheryl's! I can't get over that list. So many yummy sounding options!
  21. Happy Wednesday! Today I am melting Cinnamon Apple Berry from OPT. I'm waiting on a Nene's order to ship which I will be excited to get. I love her stuff. My stash is quite small these days, so I usually melt through a lot of a vendor before moving onto another. debra - I miss the days of easy ordering from some vendors as well!! Edited to add: Can I get your thoughts on Cheryl's Candles and Gifts? I am amazed by her scent list but wondering how you like her products. I was thinking about some scent shots. Thanks!
  22. I am melting Frosted Cupcake today from OPT. Our rain has cleared here and it looks like we are in for sunny weather the next few days!
  23. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! Is it Monday already? I am melting OPT's Grammy's Cookie Jar today.
  24. Hope everyone is having a nice Saturday! We are probably on our 5th or 6th day of rain here. I am melting Amish Cinnamon Zucchini Cake from OPT
  25. Long time no post but hello everyone! I've missed reading these boards. My almost 5 year old and 7 month old have kept me busy for a while, but I am trying to get back into melting more! I'm melting Marshmallow Madness from OPT today! Happy Friday!
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