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  1. Hello :) I am melting Butter Cake from Nene's today One of my favs from her. I have not had LSC wax in a loooonnng time but I do remember them always being leaky. The scents were usually so spot on though that it was worth a bit of mess lol.
  2. Yes! The person below me plans to go to a concert this year.
  3. Today I am melting a very old scent shot that smells like hot cocoa! Wrong season but I was never much of a seasonal melter anyway
  4. Hello all! Today it is Blueberry Cookies from Cheryl's The past 2 weeks have been a blur it seems. I can hardly believe it will soon be July. Hope everyone keeps cool!
  5. Today I am melting an oldie from CFTKR.... Harvest Prairie Cake - still smells good!
  6. Today it is Buttercream type from Cheryl's which I'm enjoying. My 5 year old asked what smelled like cake & cheese
  7. I'll help keep the lemon trend going... Lisa's Lemon Cream Cookies from Cheryl's is melting today
  8. Nope! My feet don't mind either lol. The person below me owns a treadmill.
  9. Nope, but we do have a lot in bloom around the front yard! The person below me has shopped at Target within the last month.
  10. Hello all! I am melting Vanilla Pods from Cheryl's today No rain in the forecast, so heading to the park with the littles for a playdate. mpfand - Have a nice time!! debra- Oh no!! I hope they stay down and don't try to venture up! Hopefully the cats will be guard enough.
  11. Yes, sometimes I love to sit and listen to it and smell the rainy air :) The person below me likes pineapple.
  12. Glad this is back up again! I missed the boards! Today I'm melting Sugared Shortbread from Cheryl's. When we had that 11 day outage, we lasted 3 days before we drove 4 hrs to go stay with family. Our middle son was only 5 months at the time...what a mess! I always turn off warmers if I'm going to bed or leaving the house. I'm a paranoid type lol.
  13. Hello all! Today I am melting Pink Frosted Cake from Cheryl's Nice to see you, Aria! Maggie - Yes, it is quite the gap! 17, 5 and 8 months are my boys. Crazy at times but I'm thankful! lol debra - Boo to no power! We had a major storm a few years ago that put our power out for 11 DAYS! Every time there is a power loss threat, I get anxious! biolaeagles - Those nap times are so needed for both child and mama! lol
  14. Yes! Love grill food! The person below me uses an electric toothbrush.
  15. Today I'm melting White Cake from Cheryl's. mpfand - It's hard to believe how quickly it goes by. Congrats to your daughter! My oldest DS will be a senior next year while my 2nd son enters Kindergarten!
  16. It's only Tuesday? It feels like it should be Thursday for some reason to me lol. I am melting Cake Batter Ice Cream from Nene's today.
  17. Today I am melting Lemon Biscotti from Cheryl's. School will be getting out for the summer here this week. I can't believe we are halfway through 2016 already!
  18. Yes! I used to be really into using all different colors for eye looks years ago. Quick neutrals these days! The person below me knows their mail carrier by name.
  19. I am melting Cinnamon Bread Pudding from Cheryl's. I didn't order this one, but she included it and I'm glad she did - smelling good! mpfand - 109?! debra - Thanks! Only 1 melt in but so far so good! lol trep - Coconut buttercream and red velvet sounds amazing! How do you like it? NMhoneybear - Hooray for DH!
  20. I just tried it last year for the first time and LOVED it! I was always afraid it would taste bad The person below me likes white wine.
  21. You're in good company that everyone here loves scents!!!
  22. Thanks everyone! :) Today I'm melting HHS Granma's Pound Cake. I'm hoping to get my first Cheryl's order delivered today. I'm stalking the mailbox lol. biolaeagles - That is a yummy scent and even my picky husband likes it!
  23. I am melting Buttercream Whip from Nene's today trep - Very nice! I love getting a good deal! Maggie - Thanks! I'm really wanting to give them a try soon. So many yummy bakery scents which are my absolute favorite.
  24. Today I am melting Vanilla Buttercream Frosting from Nene's. I have a bit of an obsession with vanilla scents Edited to add-- Does anyone know how frequent The Spotted Hog changes the scent availability on the 2 oz cups? I've never tried this vendor and I see a bunch of scents that sound fabulous. I need to hold off on ordering right now but hoping they aren't gone by the time I'd like to order. Thanks!
  25. Yes! The person below me has ice cream in the freezer.
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