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  1. Burning Yankee Vanilla Lime - wish the lime was stronger!
  2. www.wicks-wax-scents.com/crock.html
  3. I think it means that if someone has already mentioned a specific vendor, it can't be used again, e.g. You've mentioned Haley's, so Haley's cant be used again for today's question. www.thescentshop.com.au
  4. Cottonhead sounds intriguing! Paris (musk) or Vienna (vanilla & cranberry?)
  5. Rio (jasmine & magnolia)
  6. Kandle Kitchen (Aussie etailer)
  7. Burning a YC tumbler in Drift Away, a PartyLite votive in Citrus Bloom and melting the remains of my L'Occitane Rameau d'Hiver (Winter Forest) candle.
  8. Burning a Yankee Candle Water Garden tumbler and a PartyLite Blackberry Sage votive.
  9. I hope that one day Sephora will open in Australia. The Australian cosmetics industry is not very competitive, so a major player like Sephora would shake things up.
  10. Spring has retreated from Sydney; it's practically back to winter! So I'm melting the remains of my L'Occitane Rameau d'Hiver (Winter Forest) candle.
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