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  1. Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great Friday. I worked - the usual boring stuff Last night's melts were: LSC Avalanche, County Line Pink Berry Bundt Cake, and County Line Wide Open Spaces. Debra - just read your post - we're AMS Sands of Morocco twins tonite! I have one cup left, so I put a half in my bedroom warmer. I adore that scent!! So pretty :D Melting LSC Fig Tree down here. It was a freebie in my just arrived order. Kinda fruity musky - I like it. Also - County Line City Slicker in the bathroom. Have a fun Saturday, everyone! :)
  2. Happy early morning, all Tossed and turned, so I came downstairs to tool around the net for a bit. Laurie - I go to St. Maarten every March - have done so for nearly 20 years. My Dad has been there since mid-December, and I'll fly down with my sister on 3/4 for two weeks - he comes home a week after we do. I envy him greatly Really looking forward to seeing him/his girlfriend, and all of the friends we see yearly - islanders and March visitors of all ages. So excited! Laurie and sweet - I ordered pretty late in the sale, and my order number is: 10382366 - it was for 40 tarts. I was actually surprised I got my CnS - figured it would be a few more weeks. Hope you both hear from her soon!! :D Tonite's melts were: LOL Ruby Red, LOL Fireside, and County Line City Slicker. Time to go back to bed - I'm feeling sleeeeeeepy - yes!
  3. Hey everyone! I followed the scented trail back here I've been super busy at work - picking up extra shifts to financially prep for my March vacation. I work like a maniac from New Years until the day before I leave, and while it's exhausting, it's all worth it once I put my toes in the sand 39 more days..... Trep - so glad to read about your Dad - awesome news!! Bless him - we should all be so lucky to have the will to work through it at that age :D Big hugs for you, Debra - so sad that you lost one of your furbabies :( Thinking of you and your family. In celebration of my LSC sale order shipping today (YAY!) I'm melting: LSC Honey Patchouli in the living room, and Earthen Oak in my bedroom. I also have County Line's Pink Berry Bundt Cake going in the bathroom. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!! :wub:
  4. Hey all! RainRainRain for about 24 hours - kinda cleared up late tonite, and the temp is gonna bottom out over the weekend - teens and 20's. That totally sucks, but we've had ZERO snow this winter. None. Zip. Nada. If I could do a cartwheeel, I would Weirdest winter ever. But this only means we're gonna get destroyed by a blizzard at some point - you watch Laurie - hope everything works out ok with your dental woes. I've heard of the Dental Credit thing - maybe do a little Googling for more info? Hugs for ya! Last night's melts were: CFTKR Calabrian Bergamot & Violet, Orchid Lake Black Canyon, and Soy Breeze Boston Tea Party. Tonite: Luna Bleu Chergui Sugar (my true love!), Cheryl's White Pear & Peony, and Dream Tarts Apple Orchard. Have a fab Friday, all!
  5. Hey candlepeeps! I've been away for a bit, and I'm trying to get caught up on the good smells world. Nice to read what everyone is melting :D Work has been off the hook insane the last week or so. Even the kids in their 20's are like I'M EXHAUSTED! I'm more than twice their age, so yeah - I was hobbling this past weekend Very happy that we're so busy, but my March vacation cannot come soon enough! Michele - your FIL will be in my thoughts. Big hugs for you and your family, darlin Laurie - My Mom used clove oil for tooth pain when I was a kid, so I always have some in the house and take it with me when I travel - you never know if you'll need it. I also bought that little Red Cross kit at Rite Aid. I try to use natural remedies when I can, and clove oil is wonderful! Melts for tonite are: LSC Sweetgrass & Cedar LOL Three Musketeers TDC Sienna Sunset Have an excellent Wednesday, everyone!!
  6. Hiya candlepeeps! Hope you all had a great Christmas. Went to my brother's house and we just chilled out - ate and watched movies - lather, rinse, repeat So nice! Rainy and WINDY here - 40mph gusts so far. We're under a heavy wind warning until 3am - crazy night out there for sure! Melts the last few days were: LOL Pink Christmas Trees, LSC Sapmoss, Tara's Blue Hawaiian, Dream Tarts Moonlight Tuberose, Backroad Hobbies Eucalyptus & Spearmint, and Front Porch Pink Coffee. Tonite: Front Porch Pink Bubblegum in the living room Dream Tarts Heavenly in the bathroom Front Porch Pink Baby Powder in the bedroom Have a great rest of your night and have an awesome Wednesday!
  7. Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you're all snug in your beds and looking forward to tomorrow. I'll be snug in my bed shortly - finishing up my dinner prep for tomorrow. Brownies are in the oven now, and smelling yummy! So glad to be done with work until Tuesday at noon - the last week has been a haul and a half Melts the last few days were: Dream Tarts Deep Woods Pine, Front Porch Pink Laundry, LOL Tropical Red, LOL Aloe and White Lilac, Shayz Pamaretto, and Tara's Bahama Coconut. Tonite: Cheryl's Rocky Mountain Christmas, Shayz Pink Lavender Supreme, and TDC Vintage Vanilla. Have a GREAT day tomorrow, and have a blast, everyone!
  8. Hey all! Still busy at work, and can't wait to have Sunday and Monday off :blink: Hope you're all moving along with your holiday plans and looking forward to celebrations with family and friends! Melts the last few days were: Dream Tarts Amazing Grace, Witches Brew, and Sandalwood Clove (longtime DT fave!), Orchid Lake Mountain Mist, Tara's Blue Hawaiian, Cheryl's Bamboo, and Blissful Blackberry, CFTKR Kazi Kazi, and TDC Cedarwood Vanilla. Tonite's smellies are: Cheryl's Baby Powder, Cheryl's Blue Lilac, and Front Porch Apple Berry Mango Tango. Smelling great in here! Have a great Thursday, candlefinders!
  9. Hiya everyone! So busy - as much as I love the holidays, they aren't getting easier as I get older Work is frenzied, and I'm getting my shopping list together for Christmas dinner. My Dad and his girlfriend left for St. Maarten this morning, so my sister and I will be cooking at my brother's house. Just us (none of us are married or have kids), and to be honest, I'm SO looking forward to a comfy clothes kinda day filled with food and movies - relaxation is needed Melts the last few days were: Cheryl's Wild Orchid Vanilla and Blue Hawaiian, TDC Tuscan Patchouli, Orchid Lake Pine Tree, Dream Tarts Spiced Vanilla, Tara's Bahama Pink Sugar Coconut. Last night's melts were: Orchid Lake Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, Orchid Lake Bubble Gum, and Grumpy Girl Honey Almond Pound Cake. The latter was a freebie in a bath & body order - good throw! First time trying her tarts, and I'm sure I'll order a few next go 'round. Have a great rest of your day, and hope you're all getting your shopping/wrapping done :D
  10. Hey CF'ers! I've been so busy since the weekend between work, errands, and I met my family for dinner tonite after working a busy shift this afternoon. So nice to take a hot shower and throw the pj's on when I got home! Gail - best of luck planning your extravaganza, and check in when you can - we'll miss you!! :wub: Scents over the last few days were: Front Porch Pink Pine, Lilac Baby Powder and Pink Laundry, TDC Pink Sugar, Crosscreek Honey Patchouli and Bananalicious, Cheryl's Fresh Waterfall Mist, Dream Tarts Fresh Cut Grass and Wild Orchid. Tonite: LOL Vanilla Christmas in the living room LOL Cashmere & Silk in the bathroom CYS Nocturne in the bedroom. Old fave - choco sandalwood :D Have a great Wednesday, everyone! I'm usually off on Wed., but I'm working them through Christmas for extra wax and bath & body products monies
  11. Gooooood evening, everyone! Had steady, heavy rain for two straight days - it was even thundering in the middle of the night. A local weatherman said we'd have well over a foot if it was snow. Dodged a bullet there Snow, snow STAY AWAY! Come on back....how about never trep - glad to hear your Dad is doing well :D mpfand - good luck with the carpet and moving projects - so nice you'll be settled in for the holidays!! Melts the last few days were: Luna Bleu The Olive Branch, County Line Johnny & June, Tara's Monkey Mouth, Soy Breeze Black Linen & Amber, LOL American Dream, and Orchid Lake Pine Tree. Tonite: LOL Ruby Red in the living room. Always loved this one! Cheryl's White Pear and Peony in the bathroom LOL Citrus and Sage in the bedroom Have a great Friday, everyone!!
  12. Hi everyone! Worked all weekend as usual, and ran around doing errands today - bah! The stores were actually a piece of cake - I expected a shopping frenzy at Walmart and Target - nope! It's been really mild here - to the point that it's scaring us 50's and 60's during the day for quite some time, but I hear it'll get cold this weekend. I don't have to pay for heat here, but I'm sure those with home heating bills are jumping for joy! Hope you're feeling better soon, Debra :) Recent melts were: LSC Lavender Confections (not as foody as I thought it would be - yay), Tara's Hawaiian Pink, Tara's Pink Shampoo, BH Old Fashioned Christmas, BH Blue Agave, and TDC Pink Sugar. Tonite I have: Cheryl's Wild Orchid Vanilla in the living room - such a fave! Shayz Pink Sugar Vanilla Bean Noel in the bathroom TSC Frankincense & Mhyrr in the bedroom - lovely! Have a fantastic Tuesday, everyone!!
  13. Hi everyone! I'm so far behind on posting my melts - eeek! Playing alot of Bejeweled on FB and looking around tart and bath and body sites. Pretend shopping is so fun Hope that all of you have been under the weather are feeling up to snuff soon, but better to get it out of the way now, I guess - being sick for Christmas would suck! :( I actually wrote down what I melted as the days went on - no WAY could I tell you what Monday's scents were otherwise :blink: Here we go: Shayz Pink Sheets, Cherry Orchard, Lemon Lavender, and Pink Jasmine Petals Orchid Lake Black Canyon, Driftwood, and Havana Nights LOL Lilac & Linen, TDC Black Linen, Front Porch Peppermint Cocoa, Tara's Pink Lavender, and Dream Tarts Moroccan Spice. Tonite I have: CFTKR Calabrian Bergamot & Violet in the living room Shayz Totally Pink in the bathroom Orchid Lake Baby Powder in the bedroom Have a GREAT Saturday, everyone! :wub:
  14. I was surprisingly restrained for Black Friday - that NEVER happens I actually held back because I hoped LSC would have her sale later this weekend after all, and nope - wanted to keep some $$ set aside just in case. Now she says it'll be Dec. 26th. I did order 4 soaps from Wylde Ivy when she announced her pre-BF sale earlier this week. They shipped right out and I got them on Friday. Haven't used any of them yet, but they smell great! I got them in Black Tobacco, Raven (both WI lotion faves), Green Grass and Sugared Mint. LOVE the muslin bags she ships them in - they'll definitely be re-purposed when I'm done with them. Also ordered from CYS for her BF sale. Kept it small - a 10oz. scrub, 3-in-1 Body Bubbles, and 8oz. Goats Milk and Honey lotion each in Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, and Eucalyptus Spearmint. Love both scents, and OMH has always been a bath and body staple for me (tarts too) - so comfy cozy!
  15. Hi candle peeps! Winding down after a long weekend at work. Hope everyone had a nice weekend, and is getting ready for the holiday :) Laurie - good luck today, and I hope you have a speedy recovery. Hugs!! :wub: Recent scents were: Shayz Pink Vanilla Bean Noel, TDC Pink Sugar mixed with TDC Sugared Spruce, Front Porch Peppermint Cocoa, Shayz Pink Pineapples, Front Porch Pink Laundry, and TDC Black Linen. Tonite: CFTKR Lilac Buttercream in the living room Cheryl's Blue Hawaiian in the bathroom Soy Breeze Indian Sandalwood in the bedroom Have a good Monday everyone!
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