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  1. Winding down this evening with a bath and body works Summer Boardwalk candle. Too soon to tell how this is but what a great cold sniff this one is!
  2. Cbgirl, how is that Blueberry French Toast? Hope your computer problems go away. Tonight I'm melting CFTKR Iced Cinnamon Rolls and they are so very yummy! I can even smell the icing on top.
  3. Sure wonder if it's the scent cuz there was very little throw from Badedas when I melted it from LSC. Tonight melting LSC Sweet Dreams...great throw from this and a very nice scent. The bakery note to it makes me like it.
  4. Recent melts: LSC Banana Chocolate Chip Bread (don't care for the scent but super strong) LSC Strawberry Corn Muffins (quite a nice blend with a medium strength) Very impressed with how long these tarts last! Now just hoping to find favorites I can't live without!
  5. Melting BHG Orange Cream Cupcake and Bella's Orange Twist Cone this afternoon.
  6. Melting BHG Enchanted Evening Walk. Very nice.
  7. Burning Scentsational's Sugar Plum this late evening. Smells very sweet.
  8. Burning BH & G Creamy Spiced Eggnog and a Vanilla Cupcake candle I got at a thrift store. The vanilla is oh so nice!
  9. Burning Better Homes and Gardens Warm Autumn Welcome this afternoon. Very nice! It smells a lot like Pumpkin Spice to me. Hope all of you burning scents have a lovely fall day!
  10. Melting BH & G Country Kettle Corn. Smells so delicious!
  11. Burning a new YC Pumpkin Buttercream candle. Yummy! Two hours in and it's doing a super job of throwing!
  12. Carebear. I have bought a few Morenci candles on ebay, so you might try searching there for a good buy on them there. There is also a Morenci.com website with a good choice of scents.
  13. Burning a Blueberry Cheesecake candle by Morenci. A very nice and safe 4th of July weekend to all!
  14. Burning Yankee Brown Sugar and Spice. It's a retired scent, so I'm looking for a place to buy something to take its place. Happy Thursday wax friends.
  15. I'm melting Spiced Pumpkin Pie from Better Homes & Gardens. I can smell the spice quite nicely, but there doesn't seem to be enough pumpkin smell coming from it. A lovely day to all!
  16. Yankee Maple Pancakes candle and Better Homes & Gardens Maple Buttercream clamshell scent.
  17. Sweet&spiceygrl. Hi there. I love all kinds of music but lately have been listening to classic rock. I just purchased a Better Homes and Gardens warmer and I'm more excited about that than anything. I'm hoping some of you nice people will have some suggestions as to what different kinds of wax I can use in it. Hoping for bakery galore! Thanks in advance.
  18. I'm burning my Yankee candle Cinnamon Roll tonight. It's so good!
  19. So happy to find a forum where I can share my love of candles learn from all of you! Thanks for letting me join your group. I've been reading part of the forum and I'm just blown away by all the places to buy scented candles and tarts! My Mother got me started burning candles several years ago, so I guess you could say I'm carrying on a family tradition. I'm hoping to find new places to buy candles and tarts online. My very favorite scents are bakery, but I love other scents too. :=) I also love music! :-D
  20. Hi everyone. I'm burning my Slatkin Cotton Candy candle and it smells so good!
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