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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Cat, I had a lot of fun. You were a most excellent swap parter. I loved everything.
  2. Cat, are we ready to reveal?
  3. Okay, finally took some pics of my goodie box from my swap buddy. This is me when I see and smell it all Here is a pic of everything in the box: These are pics of some cute darling easter melts from FussAss McGees: And then here are some other misc. melts in the box from Cross Creek, Lasting Scent, LOL, CFTKR: You did good swap bud... I love everything.
  4. You did good. All your goodies look wonderful. Love how you put what each row was. That took some work.
  5. Jedda, I'll move your thread into this section. That way, people aren't confused who didn't participate in this swap.
  6. Just got my box today from my swap bud..... Okay, I just want you to know you sent WAY more than I did to you and I'm SOOOO sending you another box today to make up for it. Fair is fair!! No arguments... done!! With that said.... Everything looks gorgeous!! So springy... so purdy and colorful. You did good. I'll take pics later and will post. Where are we posting them? In a thread in this swap section?
  7. Hope you liked everything I picked. I forgot now what I put in there. I should have made a list.
  8. My package to my buddy is on the way.
  9. I've gotta put my two cents in. I love it that you order from Carol, you have your melties in less than 3 days flat!!!
  10. You are all very very welcome!! Man, what a complete and utter nightmare but it's over and we're on a bigger and faster server. So, in the long run, it was probably a good thing. No more slow loading pages and no more downtimes.
  11. Gail, your posts are making me laugh! You *really* want to win this... I can tell.
  12. Hi Nautilique, LOL!! I had them backwards, sorry. It's fixed. And, if you guys come up with better ranking names, just let me know and I'll change them to whatever. It's not set in stone.
  13. Hi Stardust... All your posts from yesterday have been counted and I just added Cottage Hill to the review board. Weird they weren't there. Any other companies you want posted that aren't listed, let me know and I'll get them uploaded.
  14. Lisa, no worries... we won't delete you. Take care of yourself and your family. We'll be thinking about you.
  15. Cinnamon Roll is my all time favorite scent from Crosscreek!! Deana knows, I've bought pounds and pounds of this one.
  16. Hey guys, Just wanted to give you a heads up that we'll be performing some site maintenance stuff to the site around 10PM tonight. It'll only last for 30 minutes but during this time, you may not be able to get on the site. Can't be helped... sorry!
  17. Hey Candlefinders, Wanted to post here since some may not read the announcements section in time. We're in the process of moving Candlefind to it's very own server and during this migration, I have to temporarily shut down the Candlefind forum. We'll be back up soon, I promise... just as soon as the move is complete, I'll open her back up. Sorry!!
  18. Hey Guys, Jules is on vacation.... she'll be back next week.
  19. Eileen emailed me several days ago that she downloaded a new browser and since then, has been having problems getting the board to load on her computer. Hopefully, she fixes the issue and will be back. I know she misses you guys.
  20. Nope. Any vendor who runs a sale needs to send me a reminder when it ends. Thanks for letting me know though... I appreciate that. I get so busy and side-tracked, those things are easily overlooked.
  21. Hi Bigred, I update that page. It's the vendors responsibility to let me know (which neither have) since it's their sale. Otherwise, I get too busy to keep track. I've deleted both sales.
  22. Check out this Etsy site! I'm still in awe looking at these. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5546215
  23. The prize from Spotted Hog has changed as follows: 4/1/09 - New updated donation from Spotted Hog 2 mini 5oz packages of Spotted Hog Blendables™ 4 different scents of your choice. Have fun there are over 300 scents to choose from. And..... From our Tart Bakery (Specially made for this prize in our soy tart wax) 1 ~whole mini pie in Vanilla Crunch 2 ~mini Birthday Cake cake bites 1 ~Large iced Cinnabun 2~ mini Perfect Pumpkin pie slices 2 ~Gingerbread men in Frosted Gingerbread.
  24. No Lisa, I appreciate it. I really didn't understand what was going on. Honestly, I just want my Black Kittens!! This really SUCKS!!!!!
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