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  1. Nice kat!! That scent sounds wonderful. Boogie, the problem is for me... I want her soaps and they go within seconds. Literally. :wacko:
  2. I think she is now CYS (Cleanse your Soul) and phased out OMG.
  3. I've pretty much given up on Haunt soaps. And Moona.... don't like brawling for my goodies.
  4. I like Villainess. Haunt is good too. If you can snag some. Gloi is another one.
  5. Both of these candles are beyond gorgeous. I'm getting Baltic Amber soon... it sounds awesome!
  6. Happy September! What scents are you melting?
  7. HI KB! Unfortunately, this board is set up for candle consumers... not candle makers. If you're in search of a forum for advice on candle making, I would hit Craftserver or The Dish. They will better guide you there. Now if you want some enabling with purchasing candles and waxie goodies... you for SURE found the right place. We'd love to steer you in the right direction and bring you over to the dark side.
  8. We have our winners, took me awhile to get all those entries inputted into Random.org :wacko:. 1st place - Laurie 2nd - Maggie 3rd - Sweet Sweet, if you'd rather have assorted melts instead of a GC, I'm happy to do either. Just let me know. Need you three to email me with your addresses. - Christina@candlefind.com Laurie, when you email me your address, I'll need to know what scents you would like and in what quantities. Maggie, I have some AWESOME TCC melts to send you. I already have them picked out.
  9. Wanted to add to those who plan on adding new companies on the review board. I just opened it so you can upload any company not already listed there yourself. Just make sure when you're creating a new page that you place it in the right alphabetical category. You should see a drop down menu where you can select the correct category. Also make sure you add a little blurb about the company and the links to the site in the correct areas... the form to do this is pretty simple and self explanatory but if you have any issues, create a new thread in the help section on this forum and I can help troubleshoot any problems with you.
  10. Thanks Carebare! Anytime you have a sale that we don't catch or have listed, post away. We love sales!!!!
  11. 33% off all Soaps until 7/31. http://www.caswellmassey.com/soap-sale-33-percent-off.aspx
  12. Birthday SALE To celebrate our favorite time of the year (who doesn't love to celebrate a birthday!) we are having some fantastic saving to share with our favorite customers! Here is a sampling of the specials we have going on: ~ 40% off our bath products (perfumes, lotions, body washes and the like) ~ 30% off our amazing Gift Baskets ~ A $6.00 off coupon to use towards International shipping costs (use discount coupon code: InterBirthday ~ Free shipping for domestic orders over $40.00 !! http://www.bathedandinfused.com/
  13. SALE! Take 40% off total order. Use coupon code SAVE 40 in the blue apply coupon code area when you checkout. You will automatically receive 40% off total order! Candlefinders, her soaps are YUMMY!!! So now's the time to try some if you were in the fence. http://www.etsy.com/shop/BubblesUpByBethieB
  14. Out with the old, in with the new. All items in their outlet section are on clearance. http://www.beautyhabit.com/beautyhabit_clearance.html
  15. Flash sale on their goatsmilk lotions. See site for details. http://www.bathhousesoap.com/page/page/5069561.htm
  16. Take 50% off all bath and body today only! The Body Shop
  17. I don't think so - they mostly do their signature collections on sale. But, if you get a 20% off coupon - that would be the time to buy those. They usually don't offer more than 20% off and if you're lucky, they'll offer free shipping on top of that.
  18. Okay, the most posts takes the pot. MaggieMae - 107 Toberetired - 107 TIE Between MaggieMae and Toberetired!! Sweet - 63 mpfand - 10 Random.org chooses - Toberetired!! Email me Tobe with your address.
  19. This game is now closed. Will tally up names tomorrow.
  20. Those are adorable. Wonder how many ounces each flower are. Cute cute cute.
  21. Never heard of it but then I don't pay attention to store bought B&B anymore. Did you try it? Sounds interesting. I've tried spray lotion from CYS and really liked it but then we're talking CYS and all their many scents.
  22. Just now seeing this post. Sorry. I think trying some of these smaller sites is worth a try for handmade lotions. They're more natural with pure ingredients, nothing harsh and many long lasting. I live in AZ which is super dry and hated store bought lotions. Since buying from these smaller sites, I've had zero dry skin issues and the scents are amazing and addicting. Boogie would be a good one to ask. Paging Boogie!!! She's a huge B&B lover and expert... she can recommend some awesome sites.
  23. Wait for one of her PMS sales... she usually offers 20% off. Her stuff is good. I've enjoyed the majority I've bought. Love her sassy names too. I always have fun shopping on her site.
  24. This is our contest game for the month of April. Please see the post under Monthly Forum Contests for more details. It includes details of this month's prize package. How to play: * List the name of a vendor and then a scent that they carry that begins with the letter A. * Once a vendor has been named, they may not be repeated! That means the game will get more challenging as the month goes on. * Scent names may not be repeated, either. Example (using the letter P for illustration purposes): If someone lists Tuscadero's Pomegranate, then Pomegranate cannot be used again from any other vendor. Mixes and variations are OK, just not the exact same name. * Scents/Vendors may be for candles or bath/body. * You cannot post directly behind yourself. This means there must be at least one other person's response after yours before you can post again. * The person with the most entries at the end of the month is the winner! In the case of a tie, a randomizer will be used to select the winner. * Remember, to be eligible, you must be actively participating in other games within the Game Room before this contest starts. The minimum requirement is one non-contest game during the last month. It's easy to do! * Contest ends April 30, 2013 at midnight EST. Example of how this game will be played, using the letter P. Poster 1: Cozy Cottage - Pear Tart Poster 2: Dream Soy - Pina Colada Poster 1: Tuscadero's - Pearberry Poster 3: Beach Girl Beauty - Pink Bikini and so on. Good luck and have fun!
  25. Hey Candlefinders. Getting ready to post the April contest in the game room. Prize package will be from Spotted Hog: Prize package will be: 1) Spotted Hog Sweet Treats mini sampler - 8 assorted scents http://www.thespottedhogcandle.com/samplerpacks.html 2) 3 Jumbo (6oz) clamshells - you choose scents 3) 3 Spotted Hog Piggy Tarts in the scents Piggy Palooza - Piggy Peanut Butter Cookie - Nutmeg & Vanilla 4) Black Tin Punched Oil & Tart Warmer Lantern Prize valued at $77.00 Game details will be posted in the game room later today. Good luck!
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