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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. I know not everyone is going to like everything, that's human nature. The only main rule for this forum is to please keep it light hearted. If someone posts a negative thread about a company that you happen to love... please take it all with a grain of salt and do not get defensive. You don't have to come here and read and you don't have to agree but... let them vent. That's why this forum is here, to vent. There are a lot of opinions here and we're all entitled to those opinions. Right or wrong. Each and every one of us. Some of you may choose to swim against the current and that's fine, that's why this forum is here. If you post a thread with malicious intent to purposely hurt a candle company and we find out, your thread will be deleted and your membership suspended. If you do post in this forum to discuss a candle company in a negative light, they will be given the chance to defend themselves if they choose to. How? By giving them the opportunity to post their side so please keep that in mind when posting in this category. Please do not post private emails from candle companies or members on this forum. If you do, they will be deleted. No bashing allowed. If you have concerns about what's being said, please email Christina. (The above rules are subject to change at anytime)
  2. ChristinaR


    I LOVE Survivor!! Ozzie is my man!! Do you guys remember the season with Terry? I was sure he would be on this one since he should have won his season.
  3. Has anyone noticed the view count on this thread? It's almost at 10 thousand!!
  4. Hi Guys... Hi Eileen and welcome... Wanted you to know I moved Eileens thread to The Melting Pot.
  5. In this thread, each of you post what scents you like and what scents you dislike. This will give you all a reference when it's time to send scented goodies to each other.
  6. Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you all have a joyous and safe holiday. Hope Santa brings you lots of waxie goodies or whatever else was on your wish list. :-) Christina
  7. Okay guys, no more "guest" posts. It's very easy to register on this forum and once you're logged in, you're logged in so there is no reason for "guest" posts at all. mp, to answer your question, on this forum, unfortunately no... for the time being... guest's can post. But, the new forum is just about ready and once it's in place, you will have to be registered and logged in to post. "guest", whoever you are, please drop it and let it go. This is an "open to read" board and I would like it to remain so. If you don't like what you're reading. Don't read. Plain and simple.
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