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The software upgrade has been completed. We've lost some of our personalizations, but otherwise the forum seems to be functioning properly. If there are any problems, please contact us to let us know. (admin at candlefind dot com). 

Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Christina, thank you so much for telling us what happened, and for getting the forum back up and running. The only question I have - will the emoji still have colors? Particularly, the little girl with the purple pigtails? [smilie=th_thfoenen]


    Lol Amy Jo,


    Yes, I will back up all the emoji's prior to the upgrade so I can reinstall them again. The only thing that will change with the upgrade will be the outside colors of the forum. The header and sides etc... I'm not doing the upgrade until the very last second of explosion so hopefully, that won't be for awhile. We shall see. [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]




  2. Hey Candlefiders!!


    So sorry for the super long delay getting the forum back up. What a total MESS!!!! Long story short... my hosting company I moved Candlefind to 3 months ago up and went POOF on New Years day and that meant the entire data that "is" Candlefind was held hostage. It took days to get it all back and then the forum was messed up when it got moved and it took even longer to fix that.


    So here is what will likely happen with the forum.... I'm eventually going to have to upgrade the entire forum to the updated software version. I've been procrastinating doing it because the design (cute girl above, colors) will be gone and I'm not sure I can get it back. So, when I do it, I'll just change the colors to match the site but it will just look a little more plain.


    You guys good with that?




  3. Hey guys. Just in case you didn't see my post in the announcement section. We're going to be doing some upgrades to the forum soon.... security patches, software updates etc.... so the forum may go offline for a little bit, or go all wonky till we fix the bugs. We also might lose all emoties which I'll reinstall if that happens.


    That be it. [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]






  4. Okay guys... I'm not good at games like Cyn is but I'll do my best. She actually helped me decide what game to do. Thanks Cyn!!!!! [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]



    This game will run one week.


    I'll choose a word each morning.


    Search Tuscadero's scent list and post a scent with a description that has that word in it.


    No back to back posts and no repeating scents for the day. New day can start over.


    That be it! Easy peasy!


    Each post will count as one entry. 2 winners will be chosen at the end of the week using random.org. Prize, 5 clamshell melts... winners pick the scents.



  5. HI KB! [smilie=th_Welcome1-1]


    Unfortunately, this board is set up for candle consumers... not candle makers. If you're in search of a forum for advice on candle making, I would hit Craftserver or The Dish. They will better guide you there.


    Now if you want some enabling with purchasing candles and waxie goodies... you for SURE found the right place. We'd love to steer you in the right direction and bring you over to the dark side. [smilie=yes]

  6. This is our contest game for the month of April. Please see the post under Monthly Forum Contests for more details. It includes details of this month's prize package.


    How to play:


    * List the name of a vendor and then a scent that they carry that begins with the letter A.


    * Once a vendor has been named, they may not be repeated! That means the game will get more challenging as the month goes on.


    * Scent names may not be repeated, either. Example (using the letter P for illustration purposes): If someone lists Tuscadero's Pomegranate, then Pomegranate cannot be used again from any other vendor. Mixes and variations are OK, just not the exact same name.


    * Scents/Vendors may be for candles or bath/body.


    * You cannot post directly behind yourself. This means there must be at least one other person's response after yours before you can post again.


    * The person with the most entries at the end of the month is the winner! In the case of a tie, a randomizer will be used to select the winner.


    * Remember, to be eligible, you must be actively participating in other games within the Game Room before this contest starts. The minimum requirement is one non-contest game during the last month. It's easy to do!


    * Contest ends April 30, 2013 at midnight EST.


    Example of how this game will be played, using the letter P.


    Poster 1: Cozy Cottage - Pear Tart

    Poster 2: Dream Soy - Pina Colada

    Poster 1: Tuscadero's - Pearberry

    Poster 3: Beach Girl Beauty - Pink Bikini


    and so on.


    Good luck and have fun!

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