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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Melting Kringle American Apple Pie in living room,and YC Vanilla Honey in kitchen. Good morning / afternoon everyone, have a lovely day xx
  2. Burning Yankee Candle Sweet Apple today for first time, gorgeous throw very quickly and good melt pool too...again very quick. Hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday xx
  3. Good afternoon from a sunny Wales!!! Today I'm melting Bedroom. Brown Sugar Pecan by Jo's Scentsational Kitchen. Under the Palms by YC Living Room. Poached Pear by Kringle Have a lovely day everyone xxxxx
  4. Upstairs I have Praline Ice Cream and downstairs in kitchen I have Brainwashed Berries and lounge its Pink Hibiscus, both by YC. All melts today xx
  5. Having a foodie day today, melting YC Red Velvet downstairs and YC Snowflake Cookie upstairs. So warming and cozy xx
  6. Burning Yankee Golden Sands this evening. Hope everyone had a great Christmas xx
  7. Burning Yankee Golden Sands this evening. Hope everyone had a great Christmas xx
  8. Its cold and wintery here today so I am snuggled up and having a relaxing day melting Kringle Pancake Breakfast in the living room and Yankee Christmas Eve in the kitchen. Hope everyone has a lovely day xx
  9. Today Im burning Yankee Candle Sugared Apple in the family room and Kringle Bakers Vanilla in the kitchen xx
  10. Good Morning from Wales This lovely sunny morning I am melting YC Summer Scoop in my lounge and YC Wild Passion Fruit in the kitchen. Also have a YC Lavender candle burning in the bathroom. Hope everyone has a great day! xx
  11. Yankee Candle Sugared Apple in the living room and Lavender, again by Yankee in the kitchen xx
  12. Glad to hear that you are OK, thinking of all who were affected by this tragedy xx
  13. This birthday morning I am burning YC Sugared Apple in living room and YC Beach Walk in the kitchen xx
  14. This windy Sunday afternoon I am melting YC Pink Sands in the Living Room and YC Loves Me, Loves Me Not in the Kitchen. Both smell gorgeous and it feels as though Spring is finally here. Hope you all have a lovely Sanday xx
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