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  1. I'm supposed to be on a no buy, too, but I allow a few bucks every month for Walmart wax... No shipping fees, and it has made it easier for me to stay on the no buy long-term. I'm still melting "Myrtle Beach" from Scentsationals. Very strong, fruity, and sugary sweet. Love it!
  2. They also had some new clamshells from Better Homes and Gardens, and some large clamshells from Febreze. The spring scents from BH&G were mostly fruity, and beachy/fresh. I liked "Driftwood" and "Blackberry Limeade". I wasn't impressed with the Febreze tarts. There were some nice scents, but they all seemed weak, so I didn't buy any. As for the sweater... nope, I didn't finish it. I got halfway done, and tried it on (hooray for top-down knits!) It was way too big. I had lost a bit of weight since starting it, and now it doesn't fit! I need to rip it apart and restart, but I haven't had the time... Lots of new babies in our circle of friends, and babies need handknits more than I do. Thanks for askin'!
  3. Good afternoon all! I am melting a new scent from Scentsationals, called "Myrtle Beach." It smells really great - sweet and sugary and fruity, a bit like cotton candy and lemonade, or sweet tarts. I can't tell what it is supposed to smell like, but I really love it! Has anyone else tried this scent? They just put it out at my Walmart. There were about a half dozen scents named for different beaches... Some smelled salty and fresh, a few were tropical, one smelled like coconuts, and then this one smelled like sugar. I'm wishing that I had bought the others! (Silly no/low buy!)
  4. I'm glad that you got to the bottom of your mystery! How scary! We had a similar experience back in December - late at night, my husband was at work, and was getting ready for bed. I heard a horrible crashing boom coming from the backyard. My dog started barking at the back door like crazy, so I grabbed a spotlight and went to check things out. At first glance, everything seemed fine. Suddenly, two feral cats streaked off across the back yard, and when I followed their path with my light, I saw a third cat sitting dazed in the grass beside our steel garage. He took off after his friends, and they left the area. Best that I can tell, the cats were tearing through the yard, (which is pretty normal for these wild cats - they are territorial and like to chase each other off of the property.) This poor fella must have misjudged his path and crashed into the garage. I know that when the kids kit the garage wall with a football, it sounds like a garbage truck is hitting the wall, so I can believe that the same noise could come from a large cat running at full steam! It sure got my heart pounding! Today's melts are all "Key Lime Pie", some from CFTKR (smells like straight-up lime to my nose) and some From Kim's Tart Candles (love this one, lots of whipped cream and graham cracker!)
  5. I'm burning some candles this (chilly) morning. Simple Living "Vanilla Cake" Yankee "Macintosh Apple" Haley's Heavenly Scents "Apple Noel" and "Apple Jack and Peel"
  6. Thanks for the well wishes - My boy is napping, the noisy trucks are gone, and I'm about to settle in with some tea and a few episodes of Downton Abbey. I have swapped out the warmers, and now we're melting CFTKR's Caramelized Praline Zucchini throughout the house. Smells lovely - I love Carol's zucchini blends!
  7. Good Monday morning all! I'm starting the week with a kid home sick from school, and the public works department making a ruckus in the back alley. They decided to start repaving back there, which is great, but they decided to park their (running, noisy) trucks less than ten feet from my living room windows while they work. Gee, thanks. Can we go back to the weekend? Pretty please? Melting: "Birthday Cake" sample from an unknown vendor "Raspberry Delight" from CYS
  8. Aria - That's what I need to do - buy a bit, melt it up, and then buy more. The deal-seeker in me tries to stock up whenever there is an "unbeatable" sale. I need to stop doing that. sweet&spicygrl, Debra, & MaggieMae - Glad to be back with you all! Melting today: "Sugar Cookie Dough Bread" - Distinctly Pink "Battle of the Sexes" - Haley's Heavenly Scents "Pink Sugar Cookie" - Crabby Candle Co. "Guava Berry" - Scentsationals Have a lovely day everyone!
  9. Candlelove - That was my biggest problem - I had run out of places to store my incoming orders, so they were staying packed up in their boxes in a closet - not a good way to enjoy them. There was wax stashed in every room! Rivercat - Thanks for the well-wishes. I hate to admit it, but staying away from temptation was the only way for me to do it. I know that some folks can "window shop" while on a no-buy, by making up orders online, but not pulling the trigger. I have learned that I just can't do it. I will buy it every time! I had to decide to stick with it, which means unsubscribing from newsletters, and staying away from the sales forums. trep - I have learned to love shopping out of the stash! Glad to hear that there are others currently in lockdown mode! Mpfand: good to see you too! I have swapped out the Raspberry Cupcake tart for "Vanilla Caramel Drizzle Cake" from Olde Primitive Treasures. It smells yummy, but light. Have a great afternoon!
  10. Good morning everyone! It seems like ages since I've been here - I'm on a very tight wax budget, so I have to be careful. Out of sight, out of mind, you know? My stash was out of control, and I just don't have the room to store it all. I'm working on burning/melting through the stash, and staying away from the wax sales. I haven't ordered any tarts or candles in almost a year, and I've limited myself to $5/month for BHG or Scentsationals at Walmart. I'm shopping from the stash, I still have at least a two year supply on hand. It's really something. I think I'd like to continue working through the stash until next fall. Autumn scents are my favorite, so I think it will be a good goal. When I replenish, I think I'll stick to tried-and-true vendors, instead of jumping on every single sale. I have to be honest, I've bought a lot of mediocre wax over the past few years, and I'd like to avoid that in the future. Whew! Now that you've read my novella, here are my scents-of-the-day: Raspberry Cream Cupcake - Cozy Cottage Scents Vanilla Bean - Scentsationals Both smell delicious! Have a great day everyone!
  11. Hello all! I'm melting 'Cinnamon Donuts' from Haley's Heavenly Scents. It's starting to smell yummy!
  12. Mmm. Pot roast sounds yummy. I'm making a big pot of taco meat and queso dip, whick we will make into nachos. Easy and delicious!
  13. I'm starting the morning with Candy Corn Cake from Tara's - smells great!
  14. Nothing melting tonight - I made a pot of red sauce earlier, and I can never figure out what scent to melt after an Italian dinner... Everything clashes with the garlic! Any ideas??? Oh well, at least the foody smells from dinner aren't permanent - I'll melt something else in the morning. Goodnight all!
  15. I started the day with "Heavy Metal" from CBV. I don't think that I like it. From the description, I was expecting sweet candy goodness, but instead I get a mix of grape kool-aid and bubbles - you know, bubble solution that kids play with? It is almost floral, but still cloyingly sweet. Overall, kind of gross. Plus I think it's giving me a headache.
  16. Tonight I'm making a meatloaf, with steamed carrots and garlic smashed potatoes.
  17. I'm starting my day with a "Vanilla Cake" 3-wick candle from Simple Living. If Walmart ever decides to stop carrying these candles, I'm sunk. They have been my go-to candle for everyday use for the past few years. I love the scent, the throw is great, and you can't beat the price!
  18. Thanks for the well wishes from everyone - I'm hoping for a quick recovery, but it is killing me to stay off of my feet! Tonight I'm melting the new gumdrop scent from BH&G... I can't remember the exact name, but it is from the new winter scents. If I can catch one of the boys walking by that part of the house, I'll ask him to check the name name on the clamshell. The scent is pretty nice, though not overly strong. Some spiciness, and some citrus... Maybe lime? It does smell like gumdrops!
  19. I'm spending the day on the couch with an icepack on my broken foot. I've got a few candles going today, Mainstays "Apples and Berries" and "Lemon Pound Cake" from MVP. Smells great!
  20. I just put on Spotted Hog's Belgium Waffles. I like it a lot - very strong, and it fills the house!
  21. I just put on an old stashed-away tart from OMG, called Pumpkin Souffle. It smells amazing, with lots of ginger.
  22. Thanks Maggie and Aria - I appreciate your well-wishes. Today I'm melting a sample-sized tart from a mystery vendor, called Blueberry Muffins. It smells okay, but it isn't knocking my socks off.
  23. Good afternoon all! Today I'm melting Cinnamon Candy Apple from Kristen's Candles. The worst of the storm missed us, although overnight we had lots of sporadic rain showers and wind. Some dead branches came down out of our neighbor's huge oak tree, just barely missing our garage, so I guess we'll be spending tomorrow cleaning up. We are still getting rain and gusts of wind right now, and there have been tornado warnings, so I'm not going to worry about cleanup until tomorrow. I hope everyone in the northern/panhandle part of the state gets through safely!
  24. I'm melting Cupid's Mischief Cake from LOL. This is my favorite red velvet cake scent - so strong! I first received it in a swap last spring, and it truly won me over!
  25. I started out this morning with a mystery tart from the stash. It smells like hazelnut coffee.
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