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Candle Review: For Every Body Candles

For Every Body Candles review, Birthday Surprise candle,, the site for candle lovers


by Avery Jordan

Brand: For Every Body Candles

18 oz – Bermuda Coast
13 oz – MacIntosh Apple
7 oz – CinnaVanilla Home Baked
4 oz tin – Birthday Surprise Folk Art tin


Introduction to my review of various candles from For Every Body:

Holiday Greetings, Candle Friends! What a wonderful time to begin to do candle and melt reviews. Who can resist melting or burning this time of year, whether it’s to create lovely ambiance on a gray, cloudy day… or to make your home smell festive, like you’ve been hard at work in the kitchen all day! Perhaps you burn or melt because the seasonal accessories for this time of year are just too darn cute to pass up! No matter if it is scenting or snazzy gift giving… I hope my reviews can help you spend your candle dollars to accomplish your candle goals!

My first time out of the chute brings you a revisit on candles you most likely you’ve had exposure to. For Every Body is a brand that is easily accessible – found both in national chain stores such as Kohls, and also on their website. These candles are inexpensive and clever in design, many people try them as one of their first candles.

This brand is enticing, and I tend to buy more than I should, but IFor Every Body Candle review, Candy Cane candle from For Every Body,, the site for candle lovers can’t resist the colorful labels and embeds dressing up the tops. That has been my main reason for purchase, because the scents have never been killer-strong, in my experience. Always optimistic, I thought it would be interesting to see if there is a difference in scenting and burning performance, based on the different size containers. Perhaps one design will have it all – an attractive, well priced candle that has a good throw!

The web site offers a very large selection of these soy candles – be sure and look for the current specials on the left side – I scored a 18 oz candle for $5! The site is a collage of their different themed products and the photos make me want to shop. And shop… and shop.

My testing included the following:

18 oz – Bermuda Coast $18
13 oz – MacIntosh Apple $16
7 oz – CinnaVanilla Home Baked: $11.00
4 oz tin – Birthday Surprise Folk Art tin: $10

Starting things out, it was best to tackle the biggest one, the Bermuda Coast scented candle.



Bermuda Coast:

Description from For Every Body’s Site:

“This adventurous fragrance visits the sea shores of the Atlantic with a breeze of cool fresh air. Nuances from the dunes stirs in notes of aquatic florals, water, white freesia, and dewy jasmine”

For Every Body Candle review,, the site for candle lovers
What did my Bermuda Coast candle look like?

This is a very attractive candle, a squared apothecary style. It is a
glass jar that is wider at the top, tapering down to the base, a “vase”. The label is a photo of a starfish and a seashell, with a stenciled leaf design off to the side that gives it a World Market feeling.

The soft soy wax was a gorgeous light blue… the color of a tropical sky, in some exotic vacation place…like Bermuda! Unlike most of their varieties, this line (Vanilla Destinations) does not have decorations sitting on top of the candle wax.

How my Bermuda Coast candle smell?

The cold sniff is a floral/ocean scent. In my experience, throw has For Every Body Candles,, the site for candle loversbeen mild on most of the For Every Body candles I have burned, so I started this candle in a smaller room, the master bath.  Opening the door, I did get a mildly floral, “clean” whiff – certainly not strong, but more than I had expected. The scent wisps were a soft freesia with a hint of a true tropical scent – suntan lotion. It reminded me of sunning on the beach. You know how it is, while relaxing beachside with eyes closed, you know someone has just walked by…  just a mild whiff of a suntan lotion – floral cologne mix drifting your way from time to time.


How did this candle burn?

I was unsure of the slanted shape – was one wick going to do it for the wide top? It was burning quite nicely but it started to struggle a little bit at the widest section of the jar. Situation solved with a candle shade! It took a little time, but I had almost a full melt pool across the top, and once I made it past the widest point, off came the shade.

In the widest part of the jar it left a little wax hugging the corner, but minimal fussing with the wick melted it away. Soot occurred only when I left it burning much longer than I should have and the wick took on a life of it’s own! Trimming immediately solved the problem.



Birthday Surprise (Folk Art tin, 4 oz):

Scent description:

“Our number one best seller is everyone’s favorite, year round!”

(Note: Thankfully we have smelled this type of scent before – because exactly what does the “surprise” part of a birthday smell like??) Of course, I will be expecting “the usual” – a rich, sugary confectionary scent.

What did my “Birthday Surprise” candle look like? For Every Body candles, Birthday surprise candle,, the site for candle lovers

When I think of For Every Body Candles, this is the candle that always come to mind. With it’s silver tin, and it’s celebratory label, this scent For Every Body candle review, Birthday surprise candle,, the site for candle loversusually depicts birthday cakes, presents and other festive decorations. This scent comes in several sizes, topped off with confetti on the top

How did my “Birthday Surprise” candle smell?

Cold sniff – Mmmm… I want to dip my finger in the white shiny soy wax – and lick off my finger! It smells like the best icing you can find. The
“birthday” styled candles smell like the best part of a birthday celebration – the cake! The colorful confetti sprinkled on top adds to the fun, and these cute decorations on the candle tops make it hard to light up that ol’ wick! Once lit, I smelled more white cake than icing. I had to move the little tin to the smallest room I had, and I could smell it – just barely. The throw from this little tin was noticeable, but not strong enough to be the only reason to buy this adorable little candle.

Candle flameHow did my “Birthday Surprise” candle burn?

This tin burned well after I centered the wick – it was a little off kilter when I opened the lid, but not too much. (When will I learn to open things and look? You have no idea how many broken eggs I bring home!) It left a very thin ring of wax all the way around the edge as it burned, but this became a tart on the candle warmer when it had burned down as far as it would go.



Cinnavanilla (small glass cylinder 7 oz)

Scent description:

“This is a Signature Scent ”“ purest vanilla bean and fresh ground cinnamon in a duet of sweet harmonies”

What does my Cinnavanilla candle  look like?For Every Body candle review, Cinnavanilla scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers

First let me say, I am not a big fan of cinnamon candles. If they are
not a blended spice they feel “scratchy” to my nose. (Am I alone here?) The cold sniff on this one is delightful. The cinnamon is softened by the vanilla and it gives it a richer scent, more like a gooey cinnamon coffee cake. In fact, the silver and brown label with the photo of the coffee cake (or is it a scone?) suits the scent nicely. The soy wax is a creamed honey color – and this candle lid is the unique metal ring that is transparent in the center. This allows you to view the cinnamon stick artfully arranged on the top!

Candle flameHow did my Cinnavanilla candle burn?

I had to push the wick over a wee bit to be sure it started off centered. I think it was just giving the big cinnamon stick on top a little extra room! As it burned the decision was made to lose the stick as the melt pool was burning right up to it and forming a “D” shape. Taking the decoration off allowed that wax hiding behind to get exposed to the flame and melt. It still seemed to struggle and I was tempted to start pushing wax around.

However, duty called and I had to abandon my project for awhile. After about an hour I looked at the candle – and voila! It had burned nicely and liquefied the entire top… with no help from me. The wick was mushrooming a bit, so I clipped it, relit, and all was well. Once again I started in the smaller room to maximize its potential. Didn’t get much scent here. I moved it to the half bath – very little scent when I opened the door in here, either. I have to say I did not expect the throw to be this small as the cold sniff was stronger than usual.



Macintosh Apple – (glass apothecary jar, 12 oz.)

No description found – but do we need one?

What does my Macintosh candle look like?

For Every Body Candle review, macintosh apple candle review,, the site for candle loversThis is an example of why I should not go to the web site in a For Every Body candle review, Macintosh Apple scented candle review,, the site for candle loversmoment of weakness. Heck, forget weakness! I should not go at all, because these adorable labels have me hitting the”submit” button in a wild frenzy! This candle is red soy wax, with a yellow apple slice peeking out of the top near the wick. The label is a folksy illustrated label: whole red apples and slices bordered in blue, the border is sprinkled with white blossoms. Soooo cute!

What did my Macintosh candle smell like?

Cold sniff – the real deal! It smells like the red apples on the label.  No tartness, only the cider-sweet smell of a fresh apple. In fact, you could smell it sitting open about a foot away! How about the throw, once lit? Ladies and gents, we have a winner! I lit the candle, (room 9 feet by 12 feet) left the room, and when I returned I had other things on my mind. Suddenly the scent of apple caught my attention! It certainly was not a nose-burning, eye watering throw – but it was consistently scenting the air giving the room an autumnal feel – reminding me that I needed to go get the rest of the fall decorations out of their storage places!

Candle flameHow did my Macintosh candle burn?

Once again, patience was a virtue! It started out making the “D” melt pool around the apple slice until I got it together and made the apple slice embed “sink” in the wax pool. However, after about 1 hour I had a serious beginning of a tunnel. It took restraint, but I left it alone! As happened before, just leaving it alone helped. It melted almost all the way across, leaving a ring of wax hugging the outside. I tried a candle shade, and it helped a little, but this candle never did liquefy completely across the top.



Closing to my review and my overall opinion of For Every Body Candles:

For Every Body Candles are easy to find, (too) easy to buy and easy to burn. They are fun! Overall burning was clean, but sometimes they required a little fussing to get a good wax pool. There was no clear winner of all categories, so buy based on your addictive For Every Body Candle review,, the site for candle loversneeds!

Best burn: 7 oz CinnaVanilla
Best throw: 13 oz MacIntosh

Would I buy again? Absolutely – but not to give to “hard-core” scent addicts. These candles are nice for a mild background scent when you need just a little something for ambiance. I also anticipate purchasing these candles as gifts, the fun little tins are priced right and would make wonderful party favors. Especially now, as these candles have the glitter and ornaments of the Holiday season which makes them even more enticing!

Happy candle shopping!

~ Avery

Visit the For Every Body website

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Hi, I’m Cynthia, the current owner & Candle Lover in Chief here at Candlefind. I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame. I love luxury candles (who wouldn’t?) and unique scent combinations. When I’m not scenting, I love reading and playing with my wild & crazy pup, Holly Berry.

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  1. I really enjoyed the long lasting scent of these candles. Today is April 2019 and I’m moving and I came across a box in my garage with 6 large candles . Peppermint, spruce, birthday cake and the Cider one. I really miss these candles – no one else compares to them. Wish they would come back!

  2. Years ago i bought a few candles made by for everybody.
    The one main candle i purchased was one called hollyberrys.
    A few yrs ago i called and asked about this remarkable smelling candle.
    I take it they stopped making it.
    Unless i can have it made .
    I will be happy to pay for that.

  3. wow..did your candles leave an ultra soft texture almost like body butter? this lady at work gave me one of these candles and the wick was gone…I got a pair of scissors and started to cut around the wax…Lo and Behold the wax was ultra buttery soft, so soft i could rub this into my skin and it felt like lotion leaving a very shiny look behind… did any of your candles do this? this is very weird….thank you…had to google this candle and as u mentioned , this candle business must of went out of business…wonder how Joann’s Fabrics get these candles if this business is gone? thanks again

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I’m so sorry you can’t find this candle anymore. Since they no longer have an online presence, I think they may have closed their doors. I have found a nice selection recently at various stores like Joann’s but that’s about it.

  4. Am looking to purchase the older Cinnamon Spice” from For Every Body – best candle i ever had for Autum! Saved empty jar so i could buy more but cant find it. I am not looking for cinnamon apple or cinnamon vanillia….just their cinnamon spice. Where do i find this – their website was closed for updating. Thanks.

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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