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Eucalyptus Scented Candle – Aromatique


by Christina Rylan

Brand: Aromatique

Type: 5oz. square candle – Spa CollectionAromatique Candles, Aromatique Spa Candles, Aromatique Candle, Aromatique Soy Candles

Scent: Eucalyptus

Cost: $15.00

Burn Time: 20 to 40 hours

Scent Strength: Well fragranced



Introduction to my Aromatique review:

I really like Aromatique candles and have had nothing but praise for every candle I’ve tried. We have a department store close by me that carries this brand and every time I walk by the kiosk of candles, I have to smell them all. I haven’t smelled one scent that wasn’t authentic or strong. I love that and know I’ll always get a great scent throw with this brand. They’re pricy but worth it.

This will finish up my series on Aromatiques Spa collection. They do have one new scent I haven’t tried that must have been added in the last year called “Clean Green”… which I may get to someday. Eucalyptus was the latest scent I tried and like all the others… a very nice fragrance.

I consider Aromatique a luxury line and definitely one of the better. Every candle I’ve tried from this company has been pretty true to description and very fragrant. They are on the semi-pricey side but if you happen to run across this line in a store, I think they’re worthy of purchase. You definitely get your money’s worth.



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What Does My Eucalyptus Candle Look Like?

My Eucalyptus candle is 5 ounces and came in a square box my candle fit in snugly. The candle itself is in a thick square glass. The wax color is white and my candle had one wick. These are very simple yet classic candles.



How Did My Eucalyptus Candle Smell?

I was surprised when I first opened the box to smell this candle. I expected to smell strong Eucalyptus but it didn’t smell like that at all. I even put the candle up to my husband’s nose and asked him what he thought it smelled like. He said it smelled like men’s after shave… I thought so too. The scent description on Aromatique’s website is:

“Soothe away the tensions of the day with the cleansing fragrance of eucalyptus.”

I lit my candle early morning in my bedroom and very soon after (10 minutes maybe) I started to smell the fragrance. This candle gives a nice strong scent throw for the size, I was impressed with that. Aromatique doesn’t skimp on scent, that’s for sure.

This candle has a nice fragrance but I didn’t think it smelled like Eucalyptus. It’s definitely a masculine scent, like after shave or cologne. I did like it and ended up moving it into my bathroom because I thought the scent was better suited there. That’s a personal preference though. I’m sure it would smell great in any room it’s burning in. 🙂

I think anyone who loves masculine, musky scents would like this fragrance because that’s what I truly thought it smelled like. I really enjoyed this candle.



Candle flameHow did my Aromatique candle burn?

On a scale of 1 to 10, my candles burn performance was about a 4. The wick kind of pooped out a few hours into burning it and started to tunnel. I had to use my wick dipper to push leftover wax into the melted wax pool so nothing was wasted. The candle never burned well even to the end. That’s actually unusual with Aromatique candles because they’ve always burned great for me. Maybe this one had a defective wick or something.



Overall Opinion of My Eucalyptus Candle and Aromatique:

This candle had an interesting fragrance and not at all what I expected. My experience burning Aromatique’s spa collection is that the majority fall into the soap/fresh/clean category and that’s exactly where I would put this one too. If I remember correctly, I burned their spa candles in my bathroom because all the scents seemed perfect there.

I did enjoy this candle as it was a fresh & bright scent and one you can’t help but notice when you walk into the room it’s burning in. If you’re the fresh/clean type and you run across this brand, give them a try. I think you’ll like them. As far as how this candle burned, I truly believe that is not the norm with this brand. I’ve personally never had it happen before so I’m pretty confident yours will be fine.

Happy Candle Burning!

~ Christina

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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