Aromatherapy Candle Review
by Andrea Haskins


Brand: Elite Essentials


Type: Containers


Fragrances: Peppermint Eucalyptus, Lavender & Balsam, Kaffir Lime & Tangerine


Cost: $12.99 for 12oz containers


Burn time: Approx. 60 hours


Scent Strength: Light to moderate



Scented Candle Reviews by Andrea,, the site for candle loversIntroduction to my Elite Essentials Review:

One of the reasons I’m so fond of candles and all things smelly is because I know how powerful the sense of smell can be. I can change scents out to reflect a mood or to evoke a certain feeling, and I’ve learned a lot of that through scentful trial and error. That’s why it’s a bit surprising to me that I had not ventured into the world of aromatherapy to date. When the opportunity arose to review the aromatherapy line, Elite Essentials, I gladly jumped at the chance!


Elite Essentials’ website is absolutely beautiful… almost serene. What a wonderful greeting when in the aromatherapy frame of mind! The site is easy to navigate and is chock-full of information. One of the first things I noticed is that they donate a portion Elite Essentials Candle Reviewof their sales to Sustainable Harvest International, an organization which helps create sustainable farms and forests. I was definitely impressed! Not only does this company appear to care about their products and their customers, but they have a sense of social responsibility as well. Shopping while knowing this is a great comfort, and isn’t that the way it should be when shopping for candles?


Elite Essentials offers three different sizes of container candles (4, 8, and 12oz) and two pillar sizes (3×3 and 3×6). The 8 and 12 oz container candles are double wicked, and the 4oz container has a single wick. For those like me who have not shopped for aromatherapy candles before, the first thing you might notice is the small selection of scents. But as I discovered, for aromatherapy options there really are quite a few choices. There are a total of six different fragrances offered, each with different purposes. I chose three scents to review: Peppermint Eucalyptus, Lavender Balsam, and Kaffir Lime & Tangerine. Elite Essentials was kind enough to send both 12oz and 8oz containers for each of my chosen scents, as well as a beautiful pillar. For this review, I used the 12oz containers.



Elite Essentials aromatherapy reviewWhat do my candles from Elite Essentials look like?

One word – beautiful! The candles arrived packaged with great care, to assure no breakage. Each candle is housed in a thick, round glass container and the glass is a bit frosted. The jars have quite a bit of weight to them, and look as if they would recycle well after all the wax is gone. There are no labels on the sides of the glass – only the typical warning label housed discretely on the very bottom. There is a professional looking tag (using recycled paper!) idenitfying the company name and scent tied with a thick green string to one of the wicks. There is no dye in the candles, lending to the all natural theme. The palm wax has a beautiful crystalline pattern on top that is just beautiful to look at! This makes for such a wonderful presentation and these candles could easily be given as gifts. That’s if you could bear to part with them!



How do my candles from Elite Essentials smell?

Peppermint Eucalyptus:


First let me say, this is not a scent I think I would normally choose. However, while doing some research on this company, I found very high recommendations for this Peppermint & Eucalyptus Scented Aromatherapy Candle Reviewparticular scent. So then it became a must try! Here is the description from the website:


“Refreshing peppermint meets rejuvenating eucalyptus. Breathe in the powerful fragrances of this environmentally-friendly candle and renew yourself.”

I would definitely describe this as an energizing scent. The scent throw was fantastic, and more than I expected from an aromatherapy candle! It filled my powder room and I found it creeping from under the door. The peppermint is the most prominent scent with a hint of the sweet eucalyptus, making it very uplifting and refreshing. I found I enjoyed this candle most in the mornings, when I needed a boost to get me started on my day. The scent lasted throughout the entire candle, never skipping a beat. Extremely invigorating!



Lavender Balsam:


OK, anything that says it will help melt stress away is A #1 in my book! Just look at the Lavender Balsam Scented Candle reviewscent description for this one:


“Lavender Balsam Let your stress melt away as you gently breathe the relaxing scent of Lavender Balsam. Its therapeutic fragrances invite calm and restoration.”

I think some of my stress melted away just reading the description! This was probably the lightest scent throw of the three I chose. The lavender was the most prominent scent – actually, I’m not sure I could pick out any balsam. The entire fragrance seemed to soothe and relax me each time I entered the room. The lavender was a soft, powdery scent and was present just enough to know it was there, if that makes sense! All in all very pleasant and I suppose it did fulfill it’s mission.




Kaffir Lime & Tangerine

No matter what or where, I am a citrus nut! Kaffir Lime & Tangerine was the first scent that caught my eye on this scent list, and was the first one to go on my wish list. Here’s Kaffir Lime and Tangerine Scented Candle Reviewwhat Elite Essentials says about this scent:


“Kaffir Lime & Tangerine Awaken your body and soul with the sunny fragrances of Kaffir Lime and Tangerine.”

I had not heard of Kaffir Limes before, but I figured any kind of lime had to be my kind of lime. It was not the in-your-face lime I am accustomed to, but then again…I think that would not be in line with what aromatherapy is all about, would it? I could definitely pick out a hint of tangy lime, then at other times pick out the sweet tangerine. That says to me this was definitely a good blend of the two scents, with one not dominating over the other. Did it awaken my body and soul? I’m not so sure it did that, but it was certainly pleasing to the nose.



Candle FlameHow did my candles from Elite Essentials burn?

Clean. Very clean. I do not want to babysit my candles and I did not have to worry with these candles at all! A huge plus in my book!!! I trimmed my wicks and left the candles burning for hours at a time. I never got the smoky residue, mushrooming or off-centered wicks, or anything like that. The candles always burned evenly, with no residual wax on the side walls. These are quality candles that burn cleanly and evenly.



Closing to my review of Elite Essentials Candle Company:


I thoroughly enjoyed this intro into the aromatherapy world. Everything about this Elite Essentials Aromatherapy scented candle reviewcandle company was first class and oozed with grace, quality, and even social responsibility! And although I enjoyed the candles for myself, these would make perfect gifts.


With the holidays coming up, you can’t go wrong with gifting a few of these wonderful candles! I would recommend giving this company a try, whether you are new to aromatherapy or not. You will not be disappointed!


Happy candle shopping!


~ Andrea


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