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Zena Moon

Candles for the spirit

Zena Moon was founded in 1999 by the inspiring Carla Blazek.  Carla created this    enchanted, little company to help others honor exactly who they are and where they are, on their journey through life. Carla and I met in the Spring of 2014 at a time when we were each determining our next steps in our own journeys. We were both seeking to make some changes in our lives and as fate would have it, the stars aligned over our new found friendship and Zena Moon was passed from Carla’s loving heart and hands into mine.

Being the new owner of Zena Moon has changed my life and that of my family’s in so many ways. It allows me a creative outlet that fills my soul, while providing a unique and special product for my loyal customers. And my three kiddies get to have their mom at home with them during these busy and impressionable years, when they need me the most. As a family, we are so grateful—for Zena Moon and for you.

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