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Yellowhammer Candle Co

Yellowhammer Candle Co. started off as a dream without a name, and quickly became reality after finding inspiration in a favorite television show. We started making candles in August of 2019 and are members of the Tuscaloosa River Market and we are available for purchase in some local stores. As we grow, we strive to maintain the commitment and vision we started with: to maintain our relationships with our customers and suppliers, and keep the authenticity of a quality handmade product.

We pride ourselves on the appearance of and the ingredients used in our candles and melts. We use 100% Soy wax for all of our candles and melts. Doing this guarantees you the cleanest and most natural product on the market, and in turn we are also helping support the American farmer by using wax harvested from soy beans grown here in the U.S.

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