Vindeca Candles


    Vindeca means to cure. A word deeply rooted in the antiquity of medicine. Nature’s miracle. A phrase first whispered over seventeen hundred years ago in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. A source of transformation. Cure the air we breathe. The pain we feel. The promise of a new tomorrow.

    Our candles set out to bridge the gap between yesterday and today. A reminder of the cures hibernating in nature, and within.

    Today we battle an ever-growing barrage of viruses, and apathy. Vindeca is here to set ablaze to an old path. Channel the cures within nature. Use our candles for serenity, connectivity and to cure. With Vindeca anti-virus is the air.

    Vindeca Candles was created out of a need to cure the air we breathe from Viruses. While creating a collection of really unique incredible smelling candles. Vindeca means (to cure) in Romania. With a love for world travel and all things old world. Our Vindeca branding was created and each candle’s lid stamped with a wax seal.

    All our candles are made with the finest organic essential oils from all over the world. We use a combination of different natural soy wax in all our candles. Each candle is hand poured and made to order. There is a 2 day curing process and then your candle will be nicely packaged and shipped to it’s new home!

    Kristi Elias is the CEO and Artist of VIndeca Candles. She is also a world renowned fine art portrait photographer. You can see some of her work at