Twilight Candle Shop


    We started Twilight Candle Shop in 2009 as a husband and wife team, making soy candles in our home in Damascus, Maryland. In the fall of 2011, we relocated to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

    Every candle is planned and poured with care. With so many people using scented products in their homes these days, we are proud to say that our 100% soy wax candles offer a healthy choice for our customers. We use absolutely no paraffin in our products. Paraffin is a petroleum derivative and can emit toxic substances into the air when burned.

    Many “soy candles” you see on retail shelves are actually blends of soy wax and paraffin. We use only soy wax in our candles. That is why all of our candles are “container” candles. Soy wax is a little softer than paraffin and will melt into a wax pool as the candle burns. You will discover that even the melted liquid wax is not all that hot! Many folks are afraid to burn candles in their homes because of fire hazards. Soy candles are safer to burn in your home because of the lower melting temperature of the wax compared to traditional paraffin candles.

    Soy candles will not leave sooty residue on your walls and shelves. If you have been a fan of paraffin candles in the past, you know what we mean! The benefits of using candles made from soy wax include longer burning times, cleaner burning, and cooler burning candles. Once you discover eco friendly soy candles, you will not want to burn paraffin candles again in your home.

    Now we are also hand pouring coconut wax candles! We only use essential oils to scent these candles. Very long burning and lovely to apply to your hands as well.

    Enjoy browsing our website and e-mail us with any questions or comments.