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Ruby Bee

Est. 2010

After years of frustration buying overpriced candles which burnt straight down the middle or quickly lost their scent, I set about making my own. After lots (and lots!) of experimenting I managed to achieve a candle which met my every wish. I soon found out that other people shared my frustrations over poor performing in 2010 Ruby Bee was born!!

Eco Friendly

- Ruby Bee candles are made with Soya wax which is made from the oil produced by pressing soya beans, the left over remains are used as cattle feed so there's very little waste. Soya wax has many benefits over more traditional paraffin based waxes such as no harmful toxins, cleaner burn, will not stain furniture or clothes and cooler burning temperature. The aluminium tins are recyclable and the labels are made from 100% recycled paper.

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