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Heritage Candles

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Heritage Candles

Boutique Crafted Candles

At Heritage Candles our goal is simple - to make the best quality scented candles available today, at an affordable price, so our customers return each time they need a new candle. We offer over fifty upscale fragrances and customers are always impressed with the strength and accuracy of our fragrances.

We only use premium-blended waxes that melt all the way to the side of the jar, so your candle burns a very long time. And, the fragrance is blended throughout the candle; it smells great to the very end.

As a small business, we simply believe in unyielding customer service. Since we stock all of our products, we make sure to ship your order quickly. Appreciation for our customers, efficient service, and quality products results in happy and loyal customers who always want to come back to Heritage Candles.

All Heritage Candles products are made in the USA. Operating since 1992, five employees manufacture six product lines including premium quality scented-jar candles and Magic Melt fragrance bars. The company delivers exceptional customer service and timely shipments from its Tucker, Georgia facility. Each year Heritage Candles’ products are sold across the United States and in Canada by schools and other non-profit groups as well as 50 wholesale companies in 31 states and online at

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