Charlesworth Apothecary


    Our wax:

    We use a Virgin Coconut Soy container wax for all our candles. It provides an amazing scent throw and works fantastically with our wicks.

    Our wicks:

    We use crackling wooden wicks from The Wooden Wick Co. in all  our candles. We love them because, in addition to the aesthetic benefits, they give a clean, eco-friendly burn. Our wicks are never treated with a burning agent and are considered an all-natural product.

    For patent information on our wicks, please visit

    Our containers:

    Our Maiden Voyage Collection features apothecary-style amber jars with cork lids hand stamped with a Charlesworth Apothecary wax seal. We handwork a leather strap around the rim of the jar for an extra touch. All candles come in a custom muslin bag with a “Candle Care” hang tag on the side. 

    Our fragrances:

    The holy grail behind our entire product development process is finding scents that accurately mimic their natural counterparts.

    We considered and tested dozens of scents and hundreds of scent combinations for every candle in our collection, and plan to continue searching for intriguing, unusual, and exciting scents as more collections release. (Make sure you sign up for emails and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on product launches—we have a lot in store).

    To learn more about why we sometimes use synthetic fragrance oils instead of all-natural, please refer to our FAQ Page.

    Our packaging:

    Our single candles ship with the lid on in a 4x4x6” corrugated box with one layer of foam and one layer of Kraft Brown paper. We do this to limit waste, use as many recyclable materials as possible, and protect your candles during shipment (the less room the candle has to move around inside the box, the more unlikely breaks and chips are to occur). Multiple candles will ship in a larger box with similar packing and protection standards. We’re also super pleased to announce FREE SHIPPING TO THE US for orders over $75!