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Bia Candle Company

curating fragrances for your home

bia candle co started years ago when Bia moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil and could not find quality scented candles for her home. Raised in the US and like most Americans, Bia decorated and scented her home with candles. On her trips to the US, she would stock up on Henri Bendel, Nest, LAFCO and Dyptique and bring them to Brazil for her home and gifting.  She noticed her Brazilian friends loved the scented candles and didn't light them to preserve them as treasures! Realizing there was a demand for scented candles, Bia attended the National Candle Association's annual conference, where she met the best suppliers in the market. Bia imported the best ingredients and started making candles in her home in Sao Paulo. After a year of testing, research and asking the pros she met at the NCA for advice and guidance, Bia was able to make a beautifully scented, slow burning, soy candle and started selling to friends and stores in Sao Paulo.

In 2018, Bia moved back to her hometown, Sarasota, Florida, and started analyzing the very competitive US candle market. With so many indie brands to compete with and large companies with competitive prices, it was daunting. After a closer look, she realized companies shorted on fragrance to keep costs down. Some only scented the top layer of wax instead of the whole candle.  Some candles burned very fast, others had a very high, dangerous flame. Some had soot or a lot of wax left over. Conclusion, many companies are selling poor quality candles; while others are selling great candles with a very high price tag. 

Bia set out to produce a candle with superb ingredients and a reasonable price tag.  Some companies invest a lot in marketing and packaging.  Bia set out to reduce packaging: "no boxes, no trash", and chose a simple yet beautiful amber glass jar with gold lid that can be re-cycled and up-cycled. The narrow label is positioned so the flame can glow visibly. The customer pays for the candle and it's ingredients, not excessive marketing or packaging.

All scents are curated for their complex olfactory compositions. Scent your home as you do your body: with an impressive eau de perfume.

Fragrances composed of essential oils and free of parabens and phthalates.

Soy wax blend is kosher, vegan and cruelty-free.

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