ARTISANE candles
    Artisane is the story of my life, told through scents. One note at a time, the fragrances I create for my natural candles are inspired by the beauty of nature, stories from my childhood and travels I’ve done.
    The story of Mélanie
    My story starts in the South of France where I grew up. Living in Provence taught me to appreciate the beauty of nature with my nose. Fields of lavender, roses, pines and olive trees constantly perfume the air.
    Craving adventure, I left a nascent career in law, my loved ones and life in Paris for the United States. To me, it looked like a world where everything seemed possible. Miami was my first home but I’m now a proud New Yorker. I live in a city that inspires me, motivates me and makes me believe I can realize my wildest dreams.
    As much as I love NYC, at times I find myself craving little pieces of home or moments from my favorite trips. I flood my New York studio with scented candles, trying to recreate the elusive perfumes from home that I miss so much. That’s how the idea for my natural candles was born. I get to bring to life fragrances that evoke special times right in my living room, and yours.
    The birth of Artisane
    Scents and perfumes have always fascinated me. I would buy every kind of candle to make my favorite memories come to life in my little NYC studio.
    After suffering from too many headaches and allergies due to the quality of the candles I was using, I looked for better solutions. That’s how I started making my own creations using only natural wax and fragrances free of additives.
    Many poorly made candles contain paraffin wax and other chemicals that are toxic to our health and our environment. I wanted to make something better.
    I taught myself how to make candles with better fragrances and natural ingredients. I now teach others how to make their own too.
    The Collections
    Through my experiments, I have now created three core collections of natural candles. Each of these collections brings you to a special time in my life.
    It starts in Provence where notes of roses, lavender, pine and olive trees inspired Mademoiselle. Then comes Spices, aromas that evoke the warmth of a great gathering around the kitchen counter. Finally, there’s also a small detour in Sri Lanka to feed your wandering soul.
    Thank you
    This story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the invaluable support of my first clients, my girlfriends. Thanks to their friendship and encouragement, I chose to share my collections of natural scented candles with the world.
    I hope you’ll enjoy my natural candles as much as they do. I wish to bring to you a sweet sense of calm and comfort through my creation.