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Aloha Bay

Palm Oil Facts Perennial organically farmed trees with no yearly tilling of the soil or decrease in biodiversity Ancient crop: GMO and pesticide free Less machinery and more rural employment More oil per acre: 10 times more than soy pesticide intensive GMO soy In 1993, Aloha Bay opened our first candle factory in Lower Lake, California. At this 10,000 square foot factory, our staff first began crafting candles for the gift market and now the natural health market. Bart Burger, our CEO, has developed a system for candle making that depends on employing as many human hands as possible, rather than relying on fully automated factory systems. This increases the employment rate and makes a significant contribution to living in the lovely, small town of Lower Lake, California. All our candle ingredients are FDA approved for food contact. All pertinent health and safety information has been provided per the US Code of Federal Regulations. In compliance with the United States Clean Air Act, Aloha Bay candles do not cause any hazardous air pollutants or fumes nor contain ingredients listed as hazardous substances or pollutants. In addition, none of our ingredients are tested on animals. We recommend everyone be just as selective about what they inhale as what they eat.

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