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1502 Candle Co.

inspired by nature & made with intention

“What does “Fifteen-Oh-Two” stand for?” you might ask. “O” being the fifteenth letter of the alphabet and “B” the second, 1502 stands for OB, the laid-back beach town we call home.

My name is Caroline and I’m the maker behind 1502 Candle Co. My passions for fragrances inspired by nature and sustainable living have blended into what makes 1502 Candle Co. unique. I create with the intention to be environmentally responsible and sustainable, and am always searching for ways to do better.

I started this journey of making candles in 2012 by double-boiling wax on my stove and pouring it into repurposed jars. After giving the home-crafted candles as gifts, friends and family wanted more. Since then, 1502 has evolved into something I never would have imagined. You can now find 1502 Candle Co. in your local San Diego stores and across the US. (Would you like to see 1502 in a store near you? Let me know!)

When I’m not in the studio pouring candles or mixing new smells, I’m at home cuddling with Margot the Beast and my handsome partner, Jonathan, or roaming somewhere in the mountains and deserts of southern California.

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